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Chloe’s Closet: Day 57

Today was yellow and brown and light blue day! Sheridan took my pictures….first I posed like the care bear on her door…

Then I posed like the Jimmer on her door…

And then I saw tires on the floor….so I used them in my pictures!

And then Sheridan took a picture of my cool Converse…

And then Jenna walked in and stuck her foot in my face so I freaked out…

And then I wanted to fit inside the tire…

Well that was fun! And let me tell you…the jeans are from American Eagle. The undershirt is a Down East Basics lace camisole. The jacket thing is from Macy’s I think. The shoes are from my mommy =) The yellow laces I think are from Target. I got the hat when I went to Chinatown in Houston with Tammy! Oh and I made the necklace and some of the bracelets.

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 35

I did laundry today. I washed towels, sheets, underwear, socks, undershirts, and leggings. So no worries, Chloe’s Closet is still going strong. 
Today I wore Raspbana colors!

We went to the Thorn’s for FHE tonight….they have a cool bathroom. The only other time I’ve seen a toilet like this is when I was in Disney World last year!

Earlier today, I was working, and I wanted a popsicle. So I went to the fridge to get Otter Pops. I usually eat them in 2’s. So I grabbed two. AND THEY WERE RASPBANA COLORS! They matched my outfit! It was meant to be!

And these are my shoes.

And this is my squished face =)
Here’s about the outfit….The jeans are from Kohl’s…free! I had a gift card! The yellow shirt is from Old Navy….free! I had a gift card! The undershirt is from Shade. The necklace was free! The shoes…from my mommy. 


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 26

Today was yellow and gray/silver and blue/turquoise day!

And me and Jenna kinda matched on accident today!! (look at our headbands even!)

And Sheridan and I were outside on the porch studying today!

Later that day, I saw Sheridan outside on the porch jump roping, so I went and played, too!

The dress? $5 from Target!!!
The leggings? The sweater jacket thing? I don’t remember.

Then along came Carolyn….

 That was me being angry at Sheridan, the photographer.


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 16

Today was yellow and purple day! Whaddaya think??

I had a lot of fun doing my hair this morning….I just kept sticking purple and yellow stuff into it!

I can tell that you like my socks. And you want to know where I got them. And how much they cost me. So I’ll tell you. The one on the left…the stripededy one…it was 88 cents! well, for the pair…so it was 44 cents technically! and the one on the right…the checkerdedy one…it was free! I got it doing a mystery shop! Woo!!! FREE IS MY FAVORITE NUMBER!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 10

I did laundry today. But just my towels, and my paint clothes from the Festival of Colors. Oh, and I also washed the little nylon socks I use for tap class because I only have a few pairs…and I need them for my tap class…but that’s all. So no worries, Chloe’s Closet is still going strong!

My dear roommate Nicole took my pictures today!

That shirt? I got on clearance from Shade.
Those jeans? I got on sale at Kohl’s.
Those Crocs? I got them from the Solis’ for my birthday a few years ago.
That choker necklace? I made it a long time ago.
That long necklace? Sheila got it for me from Charming Charlie.
That button earring? I made it about a year ago.
That zipper earring? I got it on clearance at Claire’s a few years ago.
Those bracelets? Some I made, some I just have from who-knows-where.
Those hair clips? I’ve had those for quite some time.

And I took these pictures…..

As for this picture, I just thought it was a cool perspective:

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 7

Today’s outfit….Jenna took the pictures and had me stand on a chair!

That skirt? I made it. That shoe on my left foot? It was $2.50 ($5 for the pair).

And you should know that my socks are pretty cool….

The Cheshire cat and…Kermit the frog 🙂

oh and my eyes! look!

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