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Chloe’s Closet: Day 28

Today was pink and white day

(Sheridan took my pictures today)

Look at my cute skirt! I made it!

My skirt? I made it.
My shirt? It’s from Old Navy…it was free! I had a gift card!
My pink undershirt? It’s a Shade tank top.
My shoes? The pink and black one is from I-don’t-remember-where. The pink and white one is from my mommy!
My socks? I got them this week in the Target Dollar Spot!
The short pearl necklace? It’s from my grandma Lorena.
The two long pearl necklaces? Those ones are plastic. They were like 15 cents at a thrift store!
My bracelets? All over the place…
The butterfly in my hair? I made it. Well, kinda. I bought a pack of butterflies from Hobby Lobby and hot glued them to hair clips! 


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 27

So I make a lot of my skirts. And recently, I bought trim to put on some of them, but I just haven’t done it yet.
Today I wanted to wear a certain skirt, but it didn’t have the trim on it yet =(
So I was like “it’s 10:15…I have 2 hours till church starts…PLENTY of time to sew!”
So I got out my sewing machine.
My grandma Honey gave it to me.

 Please excuse my look…I was still in my jammies…hadn’t showered yet…hadn’t gotten ready for the day…..cuz my skirt wasn’t done!
Well this is my outfit….
I took this picture!

And my visiting teacher Paige took these pictures!

 So how do ya like it?
The skirt…I made it! And I sewed on the trim this morning!
The shirt…it’s from Banana Republic…and it was free! (I had a gift card from my g-ma Stevens!!)
The shoes? I got them at Charlotte Russe for $10 a while back


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