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So Stereotypical…

This is my friend Kristen and me.


I’ve known her since…..since a time…that I don’t remember…but since I lived at this one apartment, where we met! It was in college. We both went to Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah. I loved it there, because the weather is great and the scenery is amazing. It is beautiful there.

We went to the Holi Festival of Colors together…



Yep, it’s true. Basically all the BYU students go.

We also did many other fun things together, just not all documented in pictures. 

Anyway….we have both since graduated, and that has not kept us apart. Yes, we are far way. I live in Texas, and she lives in…Utah? I don’t even know! No, we don’t talk often. Yes, we email. It takes us a LONG time to respond to one another, though. Like after a few weeks or months. But most recently, I just responded to her email from a year ago. It’s just that I wait until I have time to write a thorough response!

I love our emails, because sitting down and typing things gives me time to reflect and think through things that normally I would just speed through if I was talking instead of taking the time to type it all.

Last year we were talking about stereotypes, and I found it very interesting and she said I could share with my small world of readers…

Also, I have never been to Texas but my daddy grew up there (in El Paso–the armpit of the state, I hear). So, here is my question for you: what is the culture of Texas? Are the stereotypes true? You don’t fit them (no cowboy hat or football/barbecue/oil obsession) so I assume they’re not wholly true 🙂 

Also, do I fit Utah stereotypes?
Culture of Texas….well it is pretty diverse. I am from the suburban area of Houston, which is why I am not the cowboy type. But don’t get me wrong – I love me a cowboy! And for the record, I DO have a BBQ obsession 🙂 And steak – I LOVE steak!
I moved from Utah to Texas in 3rd grade. Before I moved, a boy named Logan went on vacation to Texas and came back in full cowboy gear – boots, chaps, cowboy hat, etc. So, that’s what I thought Texas was! So my family moves here and I’m like “WHAT?!” Obviously Logan was LYING. But then as I got older I realized that Logan had simply not been to Houston. He had been to a DIFFERENT part of The Great State. 
Yes, there are parts of Texas where people live that TOTALLY match the Texas stereotype. I even have friends like that – one friend from HS was raised on a ranch and he rides in rodeos and has a heavy Texas drawl and such. And I have another friend who married a cowboy and they live on a farm and have horses and such. But, for the most part, my friends and associates are all from the suburban areas as well. Now, if you go out to West Texas, it’s another story. A whole lotta nothin, just fields and fields…crops, oil, etc. I love it all. Well, driving through West Texas is hard because there’s not much to see, but I also love the beauty in the simplicity. 
I love Texas due to the diversity. Especially here in Houston. For example, as a white girl, I was the racial minority in my high school, with the majorities being Hispanic and African American. I loved it. I have so many friends from various cultures that have taught me that there is more than one way to live your life. I love it. I love learning about their culture and lives and history. I mean, yes, America is very diverse in general. But Houston has it all!
Ok, ok. Confession: I also love Texas because of the Blue Bell Ice Cream, the Texas-shaped foods, and the Texas flags flyin’ high with pride. 
Let’s see…when I think of a “Utah girl”, I think of a skinny Mormon girl with blonde straight hair who puts it in a big Utah poof…ya know, the bump on top of the head? Yeah…that. I also imagine that she doesn’t understand how I can have more non-Mormon friends than I do Mormon friends, doesn’t think I should have friends who are attracted to people of the same sex, and has had a generally easy life (meaning lacking in hardships of the truly taxing variety). 
Now, my dear Kristen, you definitely do not fit my idea of a “Utah girl” stereotype. In fact, I have not met anyone who does. I have met many people who are almost a 100% match, but most people are nothing like my initial stereotypical thoughts, or they only fit a few of the “conditions”, or they are only missing 1 or 2. There may or may not be someone out there who is a 100% match for that, but if there is, I have yet to meet her. 
Okay well, I have met people who I THOUGHT lived up to my “Utah girl” stereotype perfectly…but then as I got to know them, I realized that even though they may fit some of my “conditions,” there are so many hidden things in each person’s life, so many quirks you will never know until you get to know the person, and I would have missed out on some beautiful friendships if I had let my idea of a “Utah girl” stop me from getting to know people. 
It just goes to show that stereotypes are not usually correct. And I think it is a beautiful, wonderful thing. There are so many things that you can learn from each and every person. You just have to get to know them. 
And wow….I had never spelled that out before. I thoroughly enjoy our discussions.
As I said before, I love my talks with Kristen. Well, emails 🙂
She said after that that she used to fit that stereotype when she was in high school, and was an “ultra self-righteous jerk”…but she said she is “all better now.” 
And I love her. 
Basically, don’t judge someone based on a stereotype. You’ll most likely be wrong. There is so much to learn about each person in this world. Go learn. 

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Little Texas…in Romania!

We heard there was a restaurant called Little Texas here in Iasi, Romania. And someone who was in this program 8 years ago came to visit, and she made a special trip out to Little Texas…so it has to be good, right?

I’m from Texas. We had to go. 

We looked it up – 30 minute walk? We got this.

We went on some big streets, and then through a ghetto area, then another big street, then a small street for quite some time, where the sidewalk was barely walkable, and sometimes there were places with 2 feet of snow and just foot holes. We were just imagining the brave soul who made the first steps in the deep snow, and we were grateful that we could just use their foot holes! Oh, and over half of the walk was all uphill. All in the snow.

Little Texas Chloe

Cowboy Parking Only

When we got there, I felt like I was at home.It was 100% Texas inside. SO GREAT. Country music playing, cowboy stuff everywhere, the Texas metal stars, and so much more.

Unfortunately, the clock for San Antonio wasn’t currently working…but it’s still pretty cool that it was up there at all. Go Texas!

Little Texas Clocks

Texas License Plates

Also, the menu was in English! Well, and Romanian, but it was so nice that we knew exactly what we were ordering! The steak was SO expensive, so I ended up getting chili cheese fries and Texas toast. The chili was delicious! Also, Texas toast with Romanian bread….seriously the best Texas toast I’ve EVER had. We had so much fun there. We actually told stories about our moms…mine seems to be the most crazy (as shown here and here and here and here and here), and Madeline’s the most non-crazy. The others are somewhere in between. Gotta love moms!

Seriously, Little Texas was amazing, and totally worth the walk. We got dessert also, of course! I got the brownie with ice cream. The brownie turned out to be more like chocolate cake, which was slightly disappointing, but the ice cream on top….Oh, the ice cream on top. IT WAS THE BEST ICE CREAM. Well, besides Blue Bell Moolenium Crunch. And other Blue Bell flavors…but dude, seriously, it is a rival to Blue Bell. I can’t believe I just said that. I wonder if all ice cream in Romania is this amazing. It’s just so cold outside, we never want any! But now, we will definitely be buying some.

I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t have brisket here…I’ve really been missing it since I moved out of Texas. I can’t wait to get back there in June. But, considering this was more of a Tex-Mex place, and it is in Romania, it was still delicious – even without brisket!

At Little Texas


The walk home was also SOOOO COLD! I would touch my legs, and my fingers could feel that my legs were still there, but my legs were so numb that they couldn’t feel that my fingers existed. It was so weird. I don’t think my legs have ever been that cold.

Little Texas. So worth it.


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 61

Nicole took my pictures today…and they’re on her camera…so they’ll be here soon….

Okay update: they’re here! First I’ll use the ones that I had from my camera….

This was a fun day! I went with Jenna to see Ike and Kara finish a marathon! It was so fun!

 And then Jenna and I spent the day with Nicole! We went to D.I. and saw this unicorn! And of course we thought of Agnes from Despicable Me! So I gave it a cloudy kiss…
And then we went and had fun around SLC!

We did a bunch of other stuff, too…….but that’s for us to know…and you to find out…

By the way, this is one of the pics from Nicole’s camera…..

My capris? They’re from a thrift store…I’ve had them for like EVER! My shirt is from my Uncle Chris! We get him Texas stuff…and he gets us Texas-bashing stuff. My shoes are from my mom! My hat is from….I don’t remember… 

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