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Converse Love

I love Converse All Star shoes. 

I collect them. 

I have over 30 pairs, and I just mix and match as I feel. 

Here’s the thing…I never pay more than $15 for my Converse.

Ok, one time I paid full price, but they were limited edition clear ones. 

But for reals, I’m good at finding deals. 

However, I have found some that I NEED. 

Ok, I don’t need them, but I REALLY  want them. 

But they are way more than I am willing to pay…

….I am trying to decide if I should just give in. 

I found them at a mall here in Iasi, Romania during our second week here. 

And every time we go back to that mall, I go back and visit them. 

So far, it’s the only shoe store I’ve found that sells Converse All Stars.

Romania Converse

Dark blue suede.
Metallic light blue polka dots.

Blue laces.
Shiny light blue satin inside.


Aren’t they beautiful?

Plus, they would look great in my collection…..
Here’s a little snapshot.
All Stars

I shouldn’t. 
But I want to.
If you care to donate to my “Romania Converse” fund, just let me know.
Just kidding.
But seriously.


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Do You Want Some Sick-Awesome Shoes?

Taco gave me some white shoes to decorate for her…and here’s what I did with ’em….

here’s the front of ’em…

here’s the outside of the right shoe….

here’s the inside of the left shoe…

here’s the inside of the right shoe…

here’s the outside of the left shoe….

here’s the back of them….

I think they turned out AWESOME! I kinda wanted to keep them…but I didn’t…because they had HER name on them…haha

If you want me to make you some, give me $10 and some white shoes like these! They’re just the Mossimo Supply Co brand…from Target. They’re all fabric that I colored on….it was awesome. Oh and if you want some, I’ll not only need $10 and the shoes, but I’ll also need to know some things that you like.


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