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Cool Nanny

So yesterday we were at my house and Clara put on my shoes and said “Look! I’m a cool nanny!”

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I like finding things. Finds are fun. Like today…I have this little notebook in my purse that I write random things in when I need to write a note….it’s really little. Anyways, I got it out today to write an address down….and I hadn’t used it for a while….so I was looking through it, and I found some good quotes….

“You’re better than Chinese people because you’re taller than them.”  –Clara


“Flossing is when you pull strings through your teeth.” –Junie B. Jones


Junie B. Jones: Girls can be anything boys can be!

Natalie: Yeah, except for preists!


haha good times


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Good Stuff

Oh here’s something that happened today as we were driving to the library…
There were men working on power lines and this is what was said……
Ms. Chloe: I could NOT do that job.
Natalie: Why?
Ms. Chloe: You have to be so smart! You have to learn so much about electricity and wires and which wire goes where and where it should never go and all sorts of stuff!
Clara: Wow that’s a lot to know! They ARE really smart!
Ms. Chloe: And on top of it, they’re risking their lives! Any second, they could be electrocuted and even die.
Ms. Chloe: THAT’S why I wouldn’t want that job.
Clara: But you already have a job! You’re our nanny!
Natalie: Our sick awesome nanny!
Ms. Chloe: TOTALLY!
Clara and Natalie: *laughing*
Ms. Chloe: Just call me the “Sick Awesome Solis Nanny!”


And then something else happened…when I picked up the girls from school, I had the windows down a few inches when they got in the car.
Clara announced to the world that she was cold, so we put the windows up.
Ten minutes later…
Clara: I’m hot.
Ms. Chloe: No you’re not. You were cold 10 minutes ago.
Clara: It’s the sun. It’s making me hot.
Ms. Chloe: It tends to do that.
Clara: Why?
Ms. Chloe: Because it’s really hot!
Clara: If I touched the sun would I burn my hand?
Ms. Chloe: Clara, if you even got CLOSE to the sun you would explode. That’s how hot it is.
Clara: Wow.
Natalie: And we mean hot hot. Not hot like “good-lookin”…Hot like it’s hot and burning.


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