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Chloe’s Closet: Day 56

Today was turquoise/purple day!

Jenna and I made chocolate covered strawberries! Well, Jenna was the mommy that made them, and I was the kid with a short attention span that helped out. But I did get to partake of the delicious goodness! And boy, they sure were delicious! I put sprinkles on some of them, like a true kid would.

Can you tell that they were delicious?

Hmm…well if that last picture of me taking a bite did not convince you of the deliciousness, how about this picture Jenna got of me being blissfully happy?

Okay so then…Jenna took this whole outfit picture of me…I’ve got what’s left of my strawberry and I’ve also got Jordan’s paddle…

My dress is the Faded Glory brand, and I love it! It’s from Wal-Mart…it’s really old… The undershirt is a Half Tee…the scarf is one of the free ones I got from Kohl’s! Don’t remember what I’m talking about? Go here: https://byuflamingo.wordpress.com/2011/03/25/chloes-closet-day-4/

And then I was sitting on the couch. And Jordan was on the other couch. And we were both listening to Kenzie. And I took pictures of my awesome shoes.

The clear Converse if one of the 2 pairs of shoes I’ve ever paid full price for. Limited edition, gotta love ’em! Oh, and don’t mind the almost-hole in the heel of the purple sock…due to the fact that my shoe is clear, you can see my almost-holey sock. Anyways, the other shoe is one of the CHEAPEST pairs of Converse I’ve ever bought! And one of my favorites! $2.50 ($5 for the pair) at Famous Footwear! Gotta love clearance and BOGO!

And then I was about to get ready for bed when I realized I wanted to show you all my cool hair. I think this is my new favorite way of doing my hair….messy bun with random clips and curls!


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 32

Today I went to the BYU College of Nursing Convocation! My roommate Kenzie!! She graduated from Nursing School. She’s so cool. Oh, and it’s blue and purple day for me =)

And Elder Richard G. Scott spoke! So I got to meet him afterwards and get a picture with him. He’s so great!

And then I went home. On the walk home, I was taking t0 my good friend Natalie Mink on the phone! And when I got home, Sheridan took my pictures while I was talking to Natalie!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 23

Today was blue and purple day! Becca took my pictures!

In the next picture Becca took…..you could totally see up my skirt….so we deleted that one….and took this one instead…

Aaaaaaaaaand this is us….

I love Becca’s hair color. It’s my favorite.


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 19

I have some laundry on right now. But don’t worry, Chloe’s Closet is still in full swing. I just ran out of underwear (something you didn’t want to know, but hey it happens to EVERYONE), so I needed to do that laundry as well as socks, undershirts (because I only have so many) and my tap socks.

Well now that you know of my laundry situation, here’s about today…

Kenzie and I went to the BYU Final Cut Film Festival. It was fun! (The last three dates I’ve been on have been with a girl…*sigh*) Our favorite one was called “Jackie O”….

When we got home, I asked Kenzie to take my pics for today. It was taking her FOREVER to get around to it! So I took a “hurry up, Kenzie” picture…

And then I was still waiting….so I took a picture of my shoes (same as yesterday)

when she decided I could have some of her precious time for pictures…

She said to sit on my bed and look lame and frumpy like Jackie O.

Then she said to pretend like I was Jackie O shooting the kickball (our favorite part)…

And now it’s just Kenzie and I here…everyone else is gone…and Kenzie is about to leave…..I need to clean my room….(so lame)

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 16

Today was yellow and purple day! Whaddaya think??

I had a lot of fun doing my hair this morning….I just kept sticking purple and yellow stuff into it!

I can tell that you like my socks. And you want to know where I got them. And how much they cost me. So I’ll tell you. The one on the left…the stripededy one…it was 88 cents! well, for the pair…so it was 44 cents technically! and the one on the right…the checkerdedy one…it was free! I got it doing a mystery shop! Woo!!! FREE IS MY FAVORITE NUMBER!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 3

Today was Collin’s birthday, so I helped him celebrate by putting this up at his apartment…

(that’s me trying to reach Jimmer…not Collin…haha)

Here’s my outfit for today!

My shirt? Oh, that. I got it for $3 at Old Navy =) Be jealous.


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 2

Today was a pretty good day…wanna see what I was wearing?!

(These swing pics were taken by my sweet roommate Becca…)

(I’m on the phone with Raspbana while I’m on the swing….she’s so wonderful!)


(if you’re a cool Palethorpe, you know what “Junas” means…)

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