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The Freshman & The Super Senior

My roommate Madeline and I are very different….yet we love each other just the same!

RoomiesThat’s me on the left, and Madeline on the right.
As of this post, we have lived together for 13 days.
We are both doing the same internship in Romania.
That’s how we met. 

Madeline: Freshman

Me: Super Senior (5th year)

We have to leave by 7:30 to get to the orphanage on time:
Madeline: I need sleep! I haven’t gotten up this early since early morning seminary in high school! I don’t know how I’m gonna do this.

Me: I got this. I worked early morning custodial for 22 months (4am-7:30am) during college. And I’ve been getting up before 7 for most of my college career.

Ceapa (onions):
Madeline: Oh, and we can put onions in it!

Me: Or we can just pretend onions don’t exist!

Buying things:
Madeline: We should add that to the grocery list.

Me: Do we really need it? I’m all about the cheap life…saving money….

Madeline: Should we get the blue one or the…oh wait…

Me: PINK!!!!!!!! Get the pink one! Get all the pink things!

Madeline: This is amazing! We may need to get some every week.

Me: Well..
Madeline: Okay, semi-weekly then.
Me: I was thinking more like every other week…
Madeline: Ok, well I will buy it every week, and you will just be jealous.

Me: Again, the cheap life.

Family contact:
Madeline: I email my family every night about what happens.

Me: I emailed my mom last week and she still hasn’t responded…and I’ll probably email her next week…I’ll just probably tell her all about it when I get home. 

Madeline: I don’t want to cook the chicken since we don’t know how to use the oven yet.

Me: We could learn…or we could cook it on the stove….
[I proceeded to teach her how to cook chicken on the stove]

Madeline: It’s so cool! It has a fridge! And look, our own stove and washing machine and sink!

Me: Is this your first apartment?
Madeline: Yes!!
Me: Ah. I see. I moved out like 7 years ago…which is probably why I’m not as excited as you are…

The first time rain was in the forecast:
Madeline: I need to find my umbrella before we leave

Me: Don’t worry, I already have mine. It’s big enough for both of us.
[We were out walking, it started raining, so I pull out my umbrella]
Me: Look, it’s rainbow colored!
Madeline: Oh my gosh, I’m doomed. That screams “I’m American!” They told us to try and blend in! Put it away!
Me: Are you for reals right now? It’s raining, and you want me to put it away?
Madeline: Uhm…yeah….
Me: But it’s so pretty! Look at all the colors! You know what, you’re right.

Me: Look, the little shops on our block sell umbrellas! I’ll go buy an acceptable one.

[We go down to one of the vendors with umbrellas]
Me: This one is dark and has flowers…is that okay?
Madeline: There’s a pink one…
Me: PINK!!! 
[I proceed to buy a plastic pink umbrella, and I am thrilled! Madeline approved!]
[Walking away, her with her black umbrella, me with my pink one]

Me: Thanks for letting me buy the pink umbrella, and letting me use it!
Madeline: You were just SO HAPPY that it was pink. And it’s Romanian. How could I not let you?

Madeline: Short straight pixie cut

Me: Medium length and curly

Madeline: I just LOVE European fashion, it’s so pretty!

Me: I don’t care about fashion, I just do what I want.

Grocery list:
Madeline: Oh, let’s write that on the list

Me: Oh, it’s gotta be in Romanian! Where’s the dictionary?

Bell peppers:
Me: Oh, and let’s add bell peppers!

Madeline: Let’s pretend they don’t exist!

What DO we have in common? We both love the Milka raspberry crème chocolate bars. And Kinder Surprises.


Chipmunk Roomies


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 70

Dude, day 70. This is ridiculous. 

The jeans are American Eagle…the Converse are from my mom…The undershirt is from Shade…the long-sleeved shirt is from…uh…….I think Sheila! She’s the bestest!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 59

Jenna took today’s pics….

Like the flowers in my hair? They’re real! They’re from Jenna’s bouquet that she got from her brother!

I made the skirt….The shirt was free! I got it from Banana Republic with a gift card! The flowers in my hair were free! The boots are from Payless!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 58

Today was pink and blue day! Kenzie took my pictures. Well, she took the first 2, and I took the last one. The jeans are from American Eagle, the shirt I got on sale last year from Shade, and the shoes are from my mommy. The necklace is from Mexico! And the hat is from…I don’t remember…

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 54

This was my outfit today…Sheridan took my pictures…

I made the shirt…the kids and I made them for American Idol last year….SIOBHAN MAGNUS IS MY HERO!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 41

Today Jenna took my pictures on this pink and green day!

In the picture directly above, please just ignore the face of the girl that’s plastered on the truck in the background…thanks =)

Well let me tell you about my outfit now! The pink undershirt is from Shade. The green shoes with bows are from Ann Taylor Loft. I got them on sale! I love things with bows and/or buckles, so when I saw these shoes on sale, I had to get them! I also got them in silver! Anyways, the awesome tights are from Sheila! The jacket/skirt get-up is from Sheila as well! Looks like I was just havin’ a Sheila day!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 31

Well it’s been 31 days….and today is pink and green day! Jenna took my pictures!

I made the skirt….Bill got me that shirt from Hawaii…he’s so great! The Converse are from my mommy! The leggings are from i don’t know where! The socks are from the Target Dollar Spot

And then I noticed Jenna was wearing all blue!
This is Jenna in all blue being blue:

And this is Jenna in all blue not being blue:


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 29

Today was pink and white day! I was at home all day, except when I went to the apartments next door and downstairs to deliver cupcakes! 
But basically I was home all day!
Sometimes I wore my slippers, sometimes I didn’t….that is all.
Carolyn took my pictures.
I was being penguin-ish and weird-faced. 

The leggings I got from Target for $5!
The sweater dress thing I got a long time ago from a thrift store for like, uh, i don’t remember…but no more than $5! 

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 28

Today was pink and white day

(Sheridan took my pictures today)

Look at my cute skirt! I made it!

My skirt? I made it.
My shirt? It’s from Old Navy…it was free! I had a gift card!
My pink undershirt? It’s a Shade tank top.
My shoes? The pink and black one is from I-don’t-remember-where. The pink and white one is from my mommy!
My socks? I got them this week in the Target Dollar Spot!
The short pearl necklace? It’s from my grandma Lorena.
The two long pearl necklaces? Those ones are plastic. They were like 15 cents at a thrift store!
My bracelets? All over the place…
The butterfly in my hair? I made it. Well, kinda. I bought a pack of butterflies from Hobby Lobby and hot glued them to hair clips! 


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 22

Today was orange and pink day!
Jenna took my pictures!
In this one, I’m waving to passers by….

Just so ya know….left foot = pink sock and orange shoe
right foot = orange sock and pink shoe and orange laces

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