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Chloe’s Closet: Day 67

Sheridan took my pics today…..

The shirt, I got for free! I went on a blind date last year to see Wicked…..and he bought me this t-shirt! He’s so nice! AND DUDE….WICKED WAS AMAZING!!! I wanna see it again and again and again and again!!!

AAAANNNDDD Namaste hands….

And then Sheridan got this one somehow, but I kinda liked it!

And then I was showing them how my brother Tanner does his “Chinese bend and snap”

Oh, and…..the shorts, I got them at D.I. for 5 bucks! Plaid is my favorite pattern for shorts! And the flip flops are from Old Navy of course…

And I got the necklace when I went to Mexico!


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 36

Today, Nicole was packing for when she moves and I was on my bed on the computer. We were listening to Ace of Base. I noticed that Nicole hadn’t spoken for a few minutes….so I went over….and she was asleep on the floor. 

Anyways, I went over to 32 to have them take my pictures. Rachel took them….and from the other room, Sheridan yelled that we should to yoga poses.

This is me trying not to laugh…

And this is me succeeding in not smiling…

Now I’m watching Leap Year with Cara, Jessica, Nicole, and Jenna.


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