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Chloe’s Closet: The End

LAUNDRY DAY. but not just ANY laundry day….THE laundry day.

I finally ran out of clothes….I did all my laundry. It was insane. 

I separated it all into piles by how they need washed…and then within each of those piles, I separated lights and darks. Long day. 

Hand wash…


no particular washing instructions….most of the stuff I made, or stuff that just didn’t have washing instructions or tags at all…

I forgot what this pile is…

I also forgot what this pile is…

And yet another pile…

Here’s my bed full of my clothes from 81 days of Chloe’s Closet!

And of course there’s even more in my laundry basket…

I think I did 11 loads in the washer, and 5 or 6 in the dryer..I don’t remember. I hang dry a lot of my clothes. 

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 52

I did laundry today!  I just washed undershirts, jeans, and underwear…oh, and socks. But I’m now out of quarters. So basically, send me money….

No, but really, here’s my outfit for today…

My roommate Jordan took that pic…she also took this one…

I think my legs look WAY thin in that picture….totally disproportionate to the rest of my body…kinda weird. 
The skirt…I made it! The shirt? It was free…I got it from Banana Republic with a gift card! 

Jordan also took this picture…

dude check out my totally awesome SHOE!!!!!!!! The blue one is from my mom…but I’m wanting to tell you about the OTHER one! It’s one of the 2 pairs of shoes I’ve EVER paid full price for. It’s a clear limited-edition Converse. They no longer sell them…I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re the best!!!!!!!
Oh, and the socks are from the Target dollar spot! 

Jordan also took these pictures of my hair…the earring in this picture only like 10 cents…from a thrift store…because there was no match…but of course I didn’t care.

And let me tell you about the flowers in my hair…the gold one is a clip I had in all day. BUT THE WHITE DAISIES….well…*ahem* you see, I was at the library practicing ASL and I went to fill up my water bottle, which I do like 15 times a day. And there was a trash can next to the water fountain. And in that trash can there was a bouquet of flowers. White daisies to be exact. They weren’t submerged in trash, they were just on the top. So I picked them up and they looked good still! So, uh, NATURALLY I broke 2 off, went to the bathroom, and put them in my hair. So, basically, the white flowers were free! 

Mom, all those years of dumpster diving taught me SOMETHING, see?

And this is the other side…the earring was free….I got them for my birthday a long time ago from my friend Sana Siddiqui! OH, and….don’t mind the sunburn on the back of my neck…

 Well  here’s about some more of my outfit. All the bracelets I’m wearing were free! The turquoise ones, someone gave to me. The gold ones I got from Kohl’s with a gift card. 

I was standing around talking to Jenna and playing with my camera. I got it to make my nose to this, and then I decided it looked funny. I told Jenna it’d  make a great pic, but then I realized that my camera was the thing that was holding my face together like that in the first place…but then I had a brilliant idea! Jenna took the picture into the mirror while I was holding it!

And that’s my outfit. 

BUT today I went and saw Seussical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see it again and again and again and again! 

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 35

I did laundry today. I washed towels, sheets, underwear, socks, undershirts, and leggings. So no worries, Chloe’s Closet is still going strong. 
Today I wore Raspbana colors!

We went to the Thorn’s for FHE tonight….they have a cool bathroom. The only other time I’ve seen a toilet like this is when I was in Disney World last year!

Earlier today, I was working, and I wanted a popsicle. So I went to the fridge to get Otter Pops. I usually eat them in 2’s. So I grabbed two. AND THEY WERE RASPBANA COLORS! They matched my outfit! It was meant to be!

And these are my shoes.

And this is my squished face =)
Here’s about the outfit….The jeans are from Kohl’s…free! I had a gift card! The yellow shirt is from Old Navy….free! I had a gift card! The undershirt is from Shade. The necklace was free! The shoes…from my mommy. 


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 19

I have some laundry on right now. But don’t worry, Chloe’s Closet is still in full swing. I just ran out of underwear (something you didn’t want to know, but hey it happens to EVERYONE), so I needed to do that laundry as well as socks, undershirts (because I only have so many) and my tap socks.

Well now that you know of my laundry situation, here’s about today…

Kenzie and I went to the BYU Final Cut Film Festival. It was fun! (The last three dates I’ve been on have been with a girl…*sigh*) Our favorite one was called “Jackie O”….

When we got home, I asked Kenzie to take my pics for today. It was taking her FOREVER to get around to it! So I took a “hurry up, Kenzie” picture…

And then I was still waiting….so I took a picture of my shoes (same as yesterday)

when she decided I could have some of her precious time for pictures…

She said to sit on my bed and look lame and frumpy like Jackie O.

Then she said to pretend like I was Jackie O shooting the kickball (our favorite part)…

And now it’s just Kenzie and I here…everyone else is gone…and Kenzie is about to leave…..I need to clean my room….(so lame)

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 10

I did laundry today. But just my towels, and my paint clothes from the Festival of Colors. Oh, and I also washed the little nylon socks I use for tap class because I only have a few pairs…and I need them for my tap class…but that’s all. So no worries, Chloe’s Closet is still going strong!

My dear roommate Nicole took my pictures today!

That shirt? I got on clearance from Shade.
Those jeans? I got on sale at Kohl’s.
Those Crocs? I got them from the Solis’ for my birthday a few years ago.
That choker necklace? I made it a long time ago.
That long necklace? Sheila got it for me from Charming Charlie.
That button earring? I made it about a year ago.
That zipper earring? I got it on clearance at Claire’s a few years ago.
Those bracelets? Some I made, some I just have from who-knows-where.
Those hair clips? I’ve had those for quite some time.

And I took these pictures…..

As for this picture, I just thought it was a cool perspective:

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 1

I haven’t washed clothes for a few weeks….I have waaaay more clothes than I need. I’ve washed essentials, but not my regular clothes. My roommates have had fun seeing how long I can go without washing clothes, but I’ve decided to start over and take pictures every day! I wish I woulda thought of that the first time! But I wasn’t planning on doing this originally….SO….anyways…

Today I washed all my clothes. 7 loads of laundry. And it’s 75 cents to wash…and 75 cents to dry….but at least a lot of my clothes hang dry, so I only had 4 dryer loads…anyways.

I am going to try to go through all my clothes before washing them…and I’ll be taking pictures each day and blogging them…so enjoy! I’m calling it “Chloe’s Closet”.

Every week, I WILL wash a load of clothes, though. That will consist of socks, undershirts, underwear, leggings, etc. But my main clothes, like my shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, dresses, etc…will not be worn more than once! Oh and I only have a few pairs of jeans, so I will also be washing those periodically because there are some shirts that don’t look good with skirts (which is my favorite to wear), so I have to wear them with jeans (which i only have a few pairs of).

So let the journey begin!

Here’s what I wore today….

But then I realized I didn’t have my shoes on…so I put them on and took this picture so you could see ’em…

So that’s day 1! Let’s see how long I can do this for…..let’s see what Chloe’s Closet holds!


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