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No Need to Dust

I was raised in a busy household with 7 children, a cat, and a bird. And always someone’s friends. There was always something to, and someone to do it with. 

In this pic, I’m on the lawn, playing Build-A-Bear with my little sister. 

Notice the alien in the attic window? Within the first few years of living there, my mom put it up there for Halloween…and never took it down. 

225 161

Now, I live in an apartment on my own. I always thought I wouldn’t want that, but now I do and I love it. However, there is something that I am just now realizing… 

Until I lived on my own, I never had to dust. Now I have to dust! Look at all this dust!

While trying to figure out why this never happened growing up, I was thinking “maybe mom just did it all…?”

But who am I kidding. The mom who bragged that “I haven’t mopped my floor in 10 years” (because it was always something the kids did…usually me) would not choose to dust. 

I even asked my mom if she dusted when we were younger…she said there was no need, because we never had any dust in the first place. 

So then I thought some more, and I think I figured it out. 

You see, in our house, nothing had ever been still long enough to collect dust! Every surface was climbed on, played on, or used in some other way. 

No room was off limits. We could play and go anywhere in the house. Well, with the exception of the siblings yelling “STAY OUT OF MY ROOM!”

Even outside…one time I called my mom while I was in college. She was looking out the kitchen window, watching the kids rig up a zip line from the roof of the garage down to the trampoline…using yarn…and a belt as a harness…and she just wanted to see if they could figure it out. We were encouraged to experiment, but I thought that was taking it too far! She didn’t, though…and hey, they were fine!

From looking though old pictures, I found several pictures of kids sitting on the kitchen table, coffee table, or kitchen counter…which is something that I have since learned is indeed frowned upon in most households. 

This was a common way to get down the stairs…

break 198

The kitchen table was okay to be on…


Same kid on the table, just a few years later…this was actually mom’s birthday…Brigdon got her a can of soup…from our pantry…he wrapped it up in printer paper and everything. He was so proud, and she was so grateful. It was precious. 

And that fire extinguisher? We had it as a joke for when she blew out her candles. 

258 083

It was even okay for mom to be on the kitchen table!

998 639

Even I sat on the kitchen counters (this was on Wacky Tacky day in high school…though it isn’t far from my usual attire)…


The coffee table was often just another thing to sit on…sometimes even stand on if we had a performance in the works!

christmas 121

We would often catch the two youngest troublemakers on top of the entertainment center…not allowed, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t happen often. 

Moral of the story: There was no need to dust. 

And hey, we turned out alright! This is us kids and mom from Thanksgiving 2015.





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Egg Peeling Magic!

Peeling hard boiled eggs stresses me out. 

I’ve tried it the “spoon method” … where you break an end with a spoon, then slip the spoon under she shell and scoop it out. NOPE. 

I’ve tried the “rolling” method” … where you roll it all over on the counter, and then peel off the shell. NOPE.

And I know I’ve tried other ways. 

80% of the time, I end up taking off layer of the egg along with the shell.

My peeled eggs are rarely smooth and pretty. 

I was on Facebook and my friend Melissa shared a video of an easy way to peel an egg. 

So, after I watched it, I was amazed, yet skeptical. So I boiled an egg, and tried it!

Just one. 

Just to try it. 

And…..it worked!!!

egg peeled

Looooooook at it! Look how beautiful it is!! So smooth! None of the white part came off with the shell! It’s so easy!!

My poor friend Teo was on the phone with me and had to listen to my nonstop excitement…for the next while. 

So, here’s what you do…which is in the video, but I’ll try to write it here…
1. Get a glass cup or jar. Your hand has to fit over the opening, leaving a little bit of space for the water to escape. 
2. Put the hard boiled egg inside.
3. Fill it up with water, about 3/4 full. 
4. Put your hand over the top (or put a lid on, if it’s a jar), and shake it over the sink so the water can come out into the sink as it escapes (unless you have a lid on). My hand is smaller than the guy’s in the video…or my glass was bigger…either way, I ended up just grasping it around the top, not the bottom as well. 
5. Shake for about 10 seconds, or more if the shell isn’t coming off easily. 
6. Take out your magically peeled egg, and be AMAZED. 
7. Eat it!

Go and try, and tell me how it goes for you!

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