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Chloe’s Closet: Day 57

Today was yellow and brown and light blue day! Sheridan took my pictures….first I posed like the care bear on her door…

Then I posed like the Jimmer on her door…

And then I saw tires on the floor….so I used them in my pictures!

And then Sheridan took a picture of my cool Converse…

And then Jenna walked in and stuck her foot in my face so I freaked out…

And then I wanted to fit inside the tire…

Well that was fun! And let me tell you…the jeans are from American Eagle. The undershirt is a Down East Basics lace camisole. The jacket thing is from Macy’s I think. The shoes are from my mommy =) The yellow laces I think are from Target. I got the hat when I went to Chinatown in Houston with Tammy! Oh and I made the necklace and some of the bracelets.

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 21

Today I had two outfits…here’s number 1…
Carolyn took the pics…

Like my shoes? My mom got the sheep one for me. She said it’s cuz I’m the black sheep of the family =)
The colorful one, Lauren Riggs discovered! It was only $5! Well, $5 for the pair, so this one was only $2.50!

And here’s my second outfit for the day…
me and Jimmer…. 

Kourtney had on adorable shoes! So we got a shoe picture!

Do you like my hair? I DID IT MYSELF! (except that my roommate Carolyn helped with a few of the curls. But I did 95% of it myself!)

from left to right: Nicole, Jenna, Chloe, Kenzie, Becca, Carolyn


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 3

Today was Collin’s birthday, so I helped him celebrate by putting this up at his apartment…

(that’s me trying to reach Jimmer…not Collin…haha)

Here’s my outfit for today!

My shirt? Oh, that. I got it for $3 at Old Navy =) Be jealous.


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