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LuLaRoe Lovin’

In February 2016, I discovered a brand of clothing called LuLaRoe (LLR)…and quickly fell in love. 

Now, I’m the kind of girl who will buy things only if they are on sale or clearance, usually, so…

At first I was like “these are kinda expensive…” 

But now I’m like “these are absolutely worth it…”

Here’s the LuLaRoe website… http://www.lularoe.com

But here’s the thing, you can’t buy it directly from the website, and they don’t have a storefront. You have to buy it from consultants. They mostly sell them through Facebook groups and through in-person “pop-ups”, where you invite friends and y’all shop together. 

Also, each consultant has different things, so I’m in probably 100 LuLaRoe consultant groups on Facebook. There are a limited number of styles, and there are various fun prints in each style…the consultants order the styles and sizes from the warehouse that they want to sell, and they don’t know what prints they are going to get…surprise! So you have to keep your eye out in many groups!!

styles and prints

Now, I have a LOT of LuLaRoe…but not as much as I want, of course! I have started to wear it to work every single day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I’m a high school life skills special education teacher and I move a lot…and these clothes are so comfortable and stretchy!

Here’s what I suggest…

  1. Go go http://www.lularoe.com
  2. Click on “Schedule a pop boutique”
  3. Search your ZIP code on the map at the bottom
  4. Look at the pink pins on the map and choose a consultant in your area. Contact her, go there, and try on clothes to get your sizes in all of the styles. You might have to find more than one because they don’t all have the same styles. YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!! You might end up buying some then and there!
  5. Time to join Facebook groups! A great starting point is Alissa Donnell’s page. Her link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/LuLaRoeAlissa/ and it’s called LuLaRoe Alissa aka Mrs. Fancy Pants.
  6. Check out when she is posting her next round of clothes, and get something for yourself! Her page will explain how it all works once you get there. 
  7. Once your addiction begins, you will find yourself in a ton of LuLaRoe groups on Facebook, on the hunt for that one print that you MUST have. 

When I went to the consultant to try things on, she gave me a sizing sheet that I keep and fill out as I try things on. Most people can fit multiple sizes!

If there isn’t a consultant in your area, I will tell you that every consultant I have come across on Facebook has been GREAT at helping me figure out my size in a style I haven’t tried yet. 


Alright, time to show off. 

The clothes are named after people, by the way. 

Okay, Alissa sent me some LuLaRoe clothes for free so I would write an honest review, and here it is!

I picked out 2 items I knew I would love, and she sent me one that I’d never tried before to see how I liked it. 

First, I chose the Maxi skirt. I already had 2, so I knew I would love it. 

Then, I chose a Cassie. It’s a pencil skirt that I thought I would never love, but I already had 3 and loved them, so I chose that!

Then, she surprised me with a Lindsay! I had always been afraid to try it, and so she sent me one! She said “I added the Lindsay because I love her but she does not get the love she deserves – hopeful you love!” And she was right…I fell in love immediately!

I wear a 2XL Maxi. I wear a 2XL Cassie. I can fit the XL in both, but they are just tighter and I prefer them a bit looser. I wear a Medium in Lindsay.

Here are pics of it all. The Lindsay! As soon as I opened the package, I HAD to try it on. The Lindsay is the blue one that I’m wearing. I was already wearing LuLaRoe leggings and a LLR Perfect Tee, so I added the Lindsay right on top before I even took off the tag – It was perfection! I tried to tie it, which looked great from the front and back, but not so great from the side. But it’s an option. I love this new piece!!

Alright, here is the gray Maxi skirt WITH the blue Lindsay!! So comfortable. In these, I am wearing a LLR Maxi skirt, LLR leggings, a LLR Lindsay, and a shirt from Old Navy. So comfortable all around!! 

Oh, also. If you go to youtube.com and search “LuLaRoe Maxi skirt” you will find video of MANY different ways to wear your Maxi. As a shirt, as a dress, as a cover-up, and so much more. DOOOOOOO IT. 

Now, that Cassie skirt I mentioned. When I saw that LLR had a pencil skirt, I was skeptical. I don’t like to walk around with my legs glued together. But, LLR’s Cassie skirts are suuuper stretchy and sooo comfortable!!! Check out this adorable skirt! In these pictures, I am wearing a LLR cassie skirt, LLR leggings, and a shirt with a Halftee under it. And I’ve got the LLR Lindsay on in one of the pics. 

I think this video might help you realize how much I love LLR’s Cassie skirts. 

In case you didn’t watch that video…you should know that it’s important to hang dry all of your LLR. Machine wash, hang dry. 

Alright, Alissa was smart to do this deal where I get LLR in exchange for an honest review…because, honestly, THESE ARE AMAZING AND YOU NEED THEM IN YOUR LIFE. 

I was doing stuff around the house and I got a little bit cold, so I put on my Lindsay and it was so comfortable just to lounge around in, too!

I wear the Lindsay with so many outfits…here it is with an Old Navy t-shirt, a LLR Cassie skirt, and LLR leggings. I love LuLaRoe. So versatile. 

I like how the Lindsay is light, so I can carry it around with me easily in case I get cold. 

Here I am in Romania enjoying langoși cu telemea și marar, wearing a LLR Cassie skirt, LLR leggings, LLR Perfect Tee, and LLR Lindsay. 


I am definitely LuLaRoe Lovin’.

Click here to get to Alissa’s LuLaRoe page and to get your LLR collection started – you won’t regret it!



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Easy Hair Bow Storage

So…I have a ton of hair bows, flowers, butterflies, etc…And yes, I wear them all the time. Sometimes too many at once. Like a pro. 

hair collage 2

hair flower collage 1

But here’s the problem…how to store them all?!

First I will show you the end result, and then I will show you how I got there.


So, all you need is yarn, scissors, and 3M hooks! Don’t get the little baby kind…I tried those first and they didn’t work for me. Get the normal-sized kind…I don’t know exactly what size they are, since I have had them for years and don’t have a box to refer to. 

Ok, so here’s how you do it:

First, decide where you want them…I did the inside of my bathroom cabinet and the inside of the linen closet in my bathroom. 

Then, put the hooks on in a zigzag pattern, like so:

IMG_5796 IMG_5790

Let them stay there, all alone, with no friends, for at least 24 hours. This decreases the likelihood of them falling off later.

Waiting, waiting, waiting….OK, now that you’ve waited…time for the next step!

Choose your yarn color…mine, of course, was pink. I bought a TON of balls of yarn at a thrift store one time for like 25 cents each, so I picked one of those.

Then, tie one end to one of the hooks…and zigzag the string back and forth, using all of the hooks. Go back and forth 3 to 5 times. Then tie a knot at the bottom!

IMG_5795 IMG_5793 IMG_5797


I divided mine by color…and yes, it is impossible to tell because they are on the beautiful quilt that my grandma made me for my birthday this year…but if you can see them, they are divided by color!

found 008

Then, attach them to the yarn! It’s that easy!

IMG_5798 IMG_5800

Ya like!?

I do.


About 2 weeks later.

I found 4 more.

But I didn’t have room!

So I added more string between the zigzags, and POOF. 

More room. 

Plus, we all know I will inevitably buy more…so this leaves plenty of room for growth. 


Oh, and I also have butterflies…


And there you have it – easy hair bow storage!

Oh, and if you have some that don’t have a clip on the back, they have just a hair tie, that’s a perk of using the 3M hooks!

Check this out!


Its just hangin’ out there. 

A huge perk of this…when you close the door and the cabinet, it all becomes a secret. 

IMG_5925 IMG_5927

OR IF YOU WANT!!!….you can put them out in the open and everybody can see your beautiful collection! Up to you. 

Now, any ideas for how I can store my headbands?


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Converse Love

I love Converse All Star shoes. 

I collect them. 

I have over 30 pairs, and I just mix and match as I feel. 

Here’s the thing…I never pay more than $15 for my Converse.

Ok, one time I paid full price, but they were limited edition clear ones. 

But for reals, I’m good at finding deals. 

However, I have found some that I NEED. 

Ok, I don’t need them, but I REALLY  want them. 

But they are way more than I am willing to pay…

….I am trying to decide if I should just give in. 

I found them at a mall here in Iasi, Romania during our second week here. 

And every time we go back to that mall, I go back and visit them. 

So far, it’s the only shoe store I’ve found that sells Converse All Stars.

Romania Converse

Dark blue suede.
Metallic light blue polka dots.

Blue laces.
Shiny light blue satin inside.


Aren’t they beautiful?

Plus, they would look great in my collection…..
Here’s a little snapshot.
All Stars

I shouldn’t. 
But I want to.
If you care to donate to my “Romania Converse” fund, just let me know.
Just kidding.
But seriously.


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 79

My outfit!

Those shorts are from DI…they’re men’s…I love them….men’s shorts have bigger pockets! And they were only $4! The tank top is also from DI! An it was only $3! And the red undershirt is from Shade! The flip flops are Old Navy.









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Chloe’s Closet: Day 78

Sheridan took these pics as I was outside doing homework!

Do you like my Hannah Montana shirt? I do! I don’t remember where it’s from, I’ve had it for quite some time…probably from Wal-Mart, though. 

Do you like my Converse? I sure do! They’re from my mommy!

Oh and do you like my shorts? I don’t remember where they’re from either…sorry. But it’s not like you care. So I’m not sorry. 

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 77

I got the dress when I went to Disneyworld! The shoes are from my mommy…the undershirt is a Shade tank top, and the leggings, I don’t know where they’re from…..Oh, and the socks are Alice in Wonderland, I got them from the Dollar Spot at Target!

So, apparently I felt it was necessary to beat up Sheridan…

After she creamed me (not caught on camera), she received a knighthood.

And then, since I’ve always wanted to marry someone with a knighthood (not entirely true, though it would be pretty cool), I proposed.

I love Sheridan!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 76

This was today’s outfit!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THESE SHOES!! I got them from Charlotte Russe on sale for $10!!!!!


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 75

I got this outfit in Chinatown when I went with Tammy Drake!

Except for the shoes…those are from some store in some mall somewhere, maybe the University Mall in Orem, I don’t remember…

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 74

Today’s outfit was kinda fun…

Well that’s actually not true….my outfit was kinda normal, you could say…BUT THE WARD BONFIRE AND BBQ SURE WAS FUN!

I also quite enjoyed playing neighbors with my roommate Jessica!
My shirt I got from my grandparents Lorena and Phil for Valentine’s Day a few years ago! The capris are super old..the shoes are from my mom…and super sparkly and awesome headband I got from Lorena for my birthday last year (or the year before).

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 73

More rainbow eyes today!

The dress is from Target, the leggings are also from Target, the undershirt is from Shade. 

I love Jenna….she’s my favorite…

Like my necklace? I got it for Easter from Sheila! I love her and miss her so much!

The yellow shoe is from my mommy…the socks are from Target dollar spot…and the clear shoe is one of my favorites! Limited Edition Clear Converse are the best!

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