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Moolenium Crunch

Yesterday I had Clara all day. Today I had Clara and Natalie. Tomorrow they return to school. Clara could’ve gone today, but it’s not my decision. Tomorrow I get Lucas back!!! I miss my little buddy!

I babysat for the McKenna’s again…I love those girls! It’s always so much fun when I’m there.

When I got home tonight, Sheila and I watched the Olympics and ate some ice cream to celebrate my BYU excitement!! Sheila had her Ben and Jerry’s Chunky Monkey….and I had my Blue Bell Moolenium Crunch!!!!


Okay so get this….I after I typed “MOOLENIUM CRUNCH!!!” I went to Google and looked up Moolenium Crunch so I could tell you more about how amazing it is. But, naturally, on the page I clicked on, was a advertisement with an UNBELIEVABLE before and after picture promoting some new diet. So I showed it to Sheila and we laughed. Then we wanted to make fun of the new diet, so we clicked on it. And it took us here http://www.the-chicago-tribune.com/health/diet/indexss.html?t202id=52118&t202kw=300×250-ss

So, we read about it and ended up NOT making fun of it. Instead, I became a victim of the diet. 5 minutes and $3 later, my free trial is on it’s way. I’m so stupid. I hope this works. =)


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