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Chloe’s Closet: Day 44

Today was pretty much a random colored day….
I went to DI with Jenna and Sheridan…I got lots of loot for only $5!!!
When we got home, Sheridan took my pictures. We took most of them with the new pilates thing I got! Sheridan showed me how to pose…

so then I did it…

Gettin’ my loot from DI out of the bag….

All of this only cost me $5!

Now I wanna show you my socks!

Like ’em? Th piano sock is from Honk’s! It was only 88 cents for the pair! So…44 cents for that sock! The flamingo sock is from Lorena! She’s so great!

Sheridan is the best at taking my outfit pictures!
The shirt I got from Target for $7 I think a long time ago. The jeans are from Kohl’s. They were free, I got them with a gift card! The bracelets are from all different places…the fat beaded one, I got from Mexico when we went on a cruise. The socks are from my mommy, most likely.  And do you like my necklace?! I got it from Sheila for Easter!!!! And that Tinkerbell hat…I got it on sale at the Disney store for a couple of bucks a long time ago.

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 25

Today was black and red day!
Kenzie took the first 3 pictures for me!

And I took the rest of the pics….
Look at the gray hairs I found on my head!!

And  here’s my face!
I love pigtails!
 And here’s my fake socks! I like these ones!

My jacket thing has this cool sequin thing on the shoulders….

And here’s just 2 more pics of me in my outfit….

Here’s a bit more about my outfit….my red necklace was free! My black necklace was like 50 cents! My black undershirt is a Half Tee! My red tank top shirt is from DI, and was only like $3! My black jacket thing is from Kohl’s and it was free for me, because I got it with a gift card! Wooooo hooooo!!!


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