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Converse Love

I love Converse All Star shoes. 

I collect them. 

I have over 30 pairs, and I just mix and match as I feel. 

Here’s the thing…I never pay more than $15 for my Converse.

Ok, one time I paid full price, but they were limited edition clear ones. 

But for reals, I’m good at finding deals. 

However, I have found some that I NEED. 

Ok, I don’t need them, but I REALLY  want them. 

But they are way more than I am willing to pay…

….I am trying to decide if I should just give in. 

I found them at a mall here in Iasi, Romania during our second week here. 

And every time we go back to that mall, I go back and visit them. 

So far, it’s the only shoe store I’ve found that sells Converse All Stars.

Romania Converse

Dark blue suede.
Metallic light blue polka dots.

Blue laces.
Shiny light blue satin inside.


Aren’t they beautiful?

Plus, they would look great in my collection…..
Here’s a little snapshot.
All Stars

I shouldn’t. 
But I want to.
If you care to donate to my “Romania Converse” fund, just let me know.
Just kidding.
But seriously.


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Dance At Least Once

Madeline and I were on our way somewhere, and we were walking through the mall. Well, the open area that is outside. There’s an ice skating rink and little bakeries and cafes. I imagine that in the spring, there will be flowers. 

There was music on, and I felt like dancing! So, of course, I danced as we walked. 

Madeline had a look of confusion and embarrassment on her face as she said “Sometimes I just want to pretend like I don’t even know you.”

I changed my dancing style for something else and replied “Well it’s really hard to dance with these boots on. With Converse it’s much easier.”
(I hate boots, just in case you didn’t know that. However, I am enduring them because of the snow. Hopefully it will warm up soon and I can go back to wearing Converse.) 

She then moved a little further away from me and said “Thank goodness for boots!”

I was enjoying myself. But don’t worry, I didn’t torture her for long. The dancing ceased shortly thereafter. Luckily, today is not lost. 

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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Feel goods.

Sometimes you just need to feel good about yourself. 

A couple of times today, that happened to me. 

1. I am the BYU ASL Club President, so I was going around to some ASL classes making an announcement about our club meetings. The first class I went to was a level 1 class, and when I got there they weren’t in the classroom…they were in the hallway! So I got on the stairs nearby and got the teacher’s attention….and she told me to just do the announcement from the stairs. I did my thing, and then she told me to stay, told me my outfit was really fun, came and stood next to me on the steps, and then proceeded to have her whole class describe my outfit. You see, describing people is something they were learning, and here I was…in a very colorful outfit, and apparently I was the perfect candidate. So I stood there for like 5 minutes as they described every detail on my outfit, down to the buckle on my hat. I did protest a bit when they said my hair is brown…I still call it blonde…but today I think I learned that yes, it has been a few years since my hair has been blonde…it’s gotten darker as I’ve gotten older…and I need to learn to accept that my hair is now brown. Oh well. Anyways, I felt pretty awesome when that teacher made me into a class assignment 🙂

oldies 024Yes, I still have boxes to unpack from moving…and like that crayon art on my wall? Click here to see how to make it!

2. I went to Costco to get gas today, and as I was getting in my car to drive off, the random guy next to me said “Hey, cool shoes.”

oldies 011

3. I went to Walmart tonight, and the lady at the Xfinity booth said “I like your shoes!” (I love complimenting strangers…my friend Mauri and I are VERY practiced in this…so I love it when strangers compliment me!)

4. Today I made a goal to be more social….specifically, take time to talk to a friend at least twice a week. Yes, that’s my goal…pathetic, I know. But I’m so busy I have to schedule everything, so that’s how it is. Then, not even 2 hours after I made that goal, I saw 3 people I know while I was at Walmart! Destiny, Liz, and Liz! I chatted with Destiny for a few minutes, then she was like “I’ll let you go, I know you’re busy.” And then when I ran into her again (good thing I didn’t actually RUN INTO her…that’d be unfortunate), I was thinking “OK, Chloe…your goal…chat more!” And I’m so glad I did.

So, friends, if you see me, make me talk to you. Seriously.

So remember when I said earlier that sometimes you just need to feel good about yourself? In a nutshell, here’s what did it for me today:

1. Spontaneously becoming a class assignment.
2. A compliment from a stranger.
3. A compliment from a stranger.
4. Working to achieve my goal and catching up with a friend.


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 78

Sheridan took these pics as I was outside doing homework!

Do you like my Hannah Montana shirt? I do! I don’t remember where it’s from, I’ve had it for quite some time…probably from Wal-Mart, though. 

Do you like my Converse? I sure do! They’re from my mommy!

Oh and do you like my shorts? I don’t remember where they’re from either…sorry. But it’s not like you care. So I’m not sorry. 

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 77

I got the dress when I went to Disneyworld! The shoes are from my mommy…the undershirt is a Shade tank top, and the leggings, I don’t know where they’re from…..Oh, and the socks are Alice in Wonderland, I got them from the Dollar Spot at Target!

So, apparently I felt it was necessary to beat up Sheridan…

After she creamed me (not caught on camera), she received a knighthood.

And then, since I’ve always wanted to marry someone with a knighthood (not entirely true, though it would be pretty cool), I proposed.

I love Sheridan!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 74

Today’s outfit was kinda fun…

Well that’s actually not true….my outfit was kinda normal, you could say…BUT THE WARD BONFIRE AND BBQ SURE WAS FUN!

I also quite enjoyed playing neighbors with my roommate Jessica!
My shirt I got from my grandparents Lorena and Phil for Valentine’s Day a few years ago! The capris are super old..the shoes are from my mom…and super sparkly and awesome headband I got from Lorena for my birthday last year (or the year before).

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 72

I love rainbow eyelids!

I also love this dress that I got on sale from Shade!


And my hair…

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 70

Dude, day 70. This is ridiculous. 

The jeans are American Eagle…the Converse are from my mom…The undershirt is from Shade…the long-sleeved shirt is from…uh…….I think Sheila! She’s the bestest!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 68

Today I went to dinner with my Aunt Rachael and her family! I love them so much! I especially loved being with my cousins…I miss kids so much! We went to Pirate Island for dinner…it was surprisingly delicious! Like seriously….SO GOOD! And we also played games….I got it in the 10,000 hole!

There was a man doing balloon art! My aunt got me a flamingo!!! I love it! I asked my 4-year old cousin to name it…she named it Tangle. =)

And I love my balloon flamingo!

My undershirt is a Half Tee! I love these things! The tank top is from Target…I got it forever ago! The shorts I got yesterday from Savers when I went with my Aunt! I love plaid shorts…and these were only $3.49!! Dude! You can’t beat that! Unless it happened to be cheaper than $3.49…that would beat it. Oh and also if it was free…that would also beat it. But the point is, my awesome shorts cost me $3.49!!! And the Converse…from my wonderful mom of course!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 66

Nicole was down in Provo for her soccer game…WHICH THEY WON! So we went to Yogurtland and she took my pics when we got back….

The capris are from D.I. and the shirt I got when I went to Disney World with the Solis’! The shoes are from my mom! And the socks I got for free when I was doing a mystery shop!

And then I attacked my roommate Jessica as she was innocently reading her book….

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