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The Chair Challenge

Once upon a time there was an adorable little girl named Vivian. I had the privilege of spending the whole day (well, about 9 hours) with Vivian and her two older siblings. Basically, babysitting is the best. 

Vivian is two years old. 

I was in the other room playing Barbies with her big sister when I heard a chair being dragged across the kitchen. My first thought was that she was trying to reach something. And if a kid needs a chair to reach something, they probably shouldn’t be getting that thing. 

Me: Vivian, where are you going with that chair?
Vivian: Nowhere, I’m just pushing it. 

And she was. I watched her from the other room as she just happily pushed it around the kitchen, then back to where it belonged in the play room. 

Why is this significant? Because she was pushing a chair just because she wanted to push a chair. 

Yes, I realize that she is two.


Today, do something just for the joy of doing it. 

You don’t need a grand purpose.
You don’t need an end in sight.
You don’t need to have a goal.
You don’t have anything to accomplish by doing this particular task.
It is not something that will be a building block for something else.
It is for joy.

Today, do something just for the joy of doing it. 


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 15

Today’s outfit? Well…

My blue shirt is a shade shirt I got a while ago…the black thing over it I’ve had for a long time…it’s size 2x so it’s way big on me, but it’s cozy! The skirt I got at the BYU bookstore a few years ago! The tights, I think they’re from Kohl’s…? The socks are from my fun friend Michelle Thomas! And the shoes and shoelaces are from…somewhere? The necklace I got in Mexico when I went on a cruise there! Oh, and do you like my hippo clip in my hair?

So my hair wasn’t originally up today…but I was so hot this morning! So I put my hair up…and it just stayed like that for the rest of the day…oh well, I ended up liking it!



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Chloe’s Closet: Day 7

Today’s outfit….Jenna took the pictures and had me stand on a chair!

That skirt? I made it. That shoe on my left foot? It was $2.50 ($5 for the pair).

And you should know that my socks are pretty cool….

The Cheshire cat and…Kermit the frog 🙂

oh and my eyes! look!

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