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My Siblings

What makes me happy? Being with my siblings.



Ethan is a good guy to bounce ideas off of. He’s a self-sufficient nomad. He’s there for me. He understands a lot about life.


Tanner Jello Juice

Tanner is comic relief. He can be loving, but mostly through sarcasm.  Slightly inappropriate as of late, but I haven’t seen him since he started that annoying habit. Tanner is crazy, fun, and irresistibly entertaining.



Torin is incredibly witty. He is super smart and knows his stuff. He’s always good for an educated laugh.



Quentin is a sweetie pie. He’s loving at times, a terror at other times. But, ‘tis the nature of his biology. He’s funny, tender, sweet, and giving.



Brigdon is my little homie. He’s often boarding inappropriate, but he’s learning. He can be a loving sweetie-pie, but it’s rare. Precious, but rare. Brig is a kid who has a lot to learn about the world.



Sevannah – my sister wister. I love that we can do girly stuff together and that we get along so perfectly. At times, she is quite the tomboy – what can you expect? She grew up with 5 older brothers and I moved out when she was three. Other times, she can pull out the girly card and play it like a master to get what she wants. Like a champ.

And here’s the last time we were all together…my 22nd birthday party…July 2011 in Houston

july 3 065

july 3 083

july 3 105

And then my mom had us lay down…

july 3 152

…just so she could try to jump over us on a skateboard…which didn’t go well…

july 3 157

july 3 114

Basically, my siblings make me happy. 


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 59

Jenna took today’s pics….

Like the flowers in my hair? They’re real! They’re from Jenna’s bouquet that she got from her brother!

I made the skirt….The shirt was free! I got it from Banana Republic with a gift card! The flowers in my hair were free! The boots are from Payless!

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so we went swimming yesterday (with the kids I nanny), and my brother Torin came with us. HE’S FOURTEEN NOW!!! So we were swimming, and I saw that he had armpit hair! So I was like “Torin! You’re getting so big! You have armpit hair! Hold up your arms! Lemme see!” So, of course, he got all embarrassed and put his arms down…and … See Morethen Clara (the 6-year-old) was like “I wanna see!” and I went up to him and gave him a big dramatic hug and was like “aw! my widdle bwudder is gwowing up!”

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Church was great today. My brother Ethan spoke in Sacrament meeting. The topic for the speakers was “the Love of God”. Here’s some highlights…

The best way to express love is service

Satan is constantly trying to take away happiness

Be a tool that God can use

God does not need us to love Him; but oh, how we need to love God

God loves every one of us

Some of our blessings will not be noticed or understood until we leave our earthly lives


Since it’s the second sunday of the month…which means it was my turn to teach Relief Society! I’d say it went quite well. And I made my delicious lemon cookies to share with everyone there…they were a hit.


Once again I had a great time with the Nicholi


Samantha picked out my colors for tomorrow…pink and green…I’ll take a pic.


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