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Pokemon Pokeball Cupcakes

This is me and my friend Gino. 


Gino is one of the best guys I know. He is an accomplished artist, he is unyieldingly patient, he is a dedicated friend, and he is jubilantly kind. Though he may tell you otherwise. 

So, for Gino’s birthday, I made him Pokeball cupcakes…because he likes Pokemon!

Here are 3 Pokeballs…



And here are 4 of my Pokeball cupcakes…how did I do?




Here’s how to make your own Pokeball cupcakes….gotta catch ’em all!

Here’s what you’ll need…
24 cupcakes
24 white Mentos
red sugar sprinkles

white icing 
black gel icing

Here’s what you will do…
1. Bake your cupcakes. Let them cool.

2. Work on one cupcake at a time, because the icing will harden as you go, and you need it wet for the sprinkles to go on. 
3. Frost 1 cupcake and put a Mentos in the middle.
No need for fancy tips and special tools when frosting this cupcake…just smooth it on with a knife, the back of a spoon, or a spatula. Don’t even worry about getting it smooth. As you can tell, I wasn’t too picky about that, and I think they turned out just fine. 

4. Put the red sugar sprinkles into a bowl.
5. Dip half of the cupcake into the sugar sprinkles.
Don’t worry if some red sprinkles get on the white side. It happened to plenty of mine, and they still turned out great. But I guess if you ARE worried about that, then you can just get a toothpick and pick them off. But Gino didn’t care, he was just excited to have his very own Pokeball cupcakes. I’m sure your friend will also not care if there are a few stray sprinkles. It will still look and taste great!

6. Use the black gel icing to draw a circle around the Mentos (right against it), and a line between the red sprinkles and the white icing.

7. Repeat with the rest of your cupcakes.

8. Enjoy! Best when shared with friends like Gino. 






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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Today you are you, that is truer than true.
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
Shout aloud “I am glad to be what I am!
Thank goodness I’m not a ham or a clam
Or a dusty old bottle of gooseberry jam!
I am what I am, what a great thing to be!
If I say so myself, happy everyday to me!”
–Dr. Seuss

That’s my all-time favorite Dr. Seuss poem!

This morning, my roommate Katrina read me a book! 

Green Eggs and ham 3

And then she made me breakfast! Green eggs and bacon! We didn’t have ham, but we love bacon, so we were happy!

Green Eggs and Ham

I know…looks pretty gross…but it was so good!! 

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Minion Cupcakes

I made these cupcakes for Collin’s birthday….HAPPY BIRTHDAY YESTERDAY!

Have you seen the movie Despicable Me? Well I have, and I LOVE the minions.


I found this idea on Pinterest….I use Pinterest for recipes and craft ideas…I love it!

Here is the link to the Pinterest one I used:


And I also Googled (I love how that is a VERB now) to see what other minion cupcakes I could use for inspiration…here’s the ones I used:



I like to give credit to the sites I got the idea from….

I have a hard time coming up with cute cupcake ideas on my own…but if I see one I like, I can usually replicate it!

The recipe from Pinterest had Smarties for the eyes…but when I went to the store with my friend Shaylea, we determined that it is not worth it to buy a bag of Smarties. Why? Because there are only 2-3 white Smarties in each little Smarties pack…SO NOT WORTH IT. So we opted for white chocolate chips instead. 

So I made the cupcakes. I used snowman cupcake liners, because that’s what I had!

Then I made the icing. The BEST ICING EVER. I’ll post a how-to later.

For these minion cupcakes, here’s what you will need:

  • Cupcakes
  • Icing
  • Twinkies (1 Twinkie = 2 minion cupcakes)
  • Chocolate sprinkles (the cylindrical kind, not the round kind)
  • White chocolate chips (or white Smarties)
  • Black icing to draw with ( I bought 2 tubes, unsure of how much I would need. But I ONLY NEEDED ONE tube!)

1. Make the cupcakes

First I made cupcakes. Because I am in Provo, UT, I have to make sure I alter them for high altitude…..I have made the mistake of NOT doing so, and I have not forgotten since then. Also, I always use Funfetti Pillsbury cake mix for my cupcakes….unless someone wants chocolate. But I don’t like chocolate cupcakes. I like Funfetti. 

ALSO I always spray the cupcake lines with cooking spray (canola oil) before I add the batter. 


2. Unwrap a Twinkie and cut it in half with a sharp knife. 

Make sure you don’t just cut straight down…saw back and forth….


That was my first attempt. Later on, I was able to get a much cleaner cut


3. Make a hole for the eyes



I didn’t think of this until about halfway through…when the eyes started falling out:


If I had used smarties, I am sure I would not have had that problem. But due to the fact that the white chocolate chips are not flat on the back, they needed somewhere for the point to go. The hole I made seemed to remedy that problem. 

To make the hole, simply poke the knife where you want the hole to go, and then spin the knife so it makes a hole wide enough for the point of the white chocolate chip. 

4. Put the eyes on.


Sorry the picture is so blurry, but it still shows what to do. Get a little bit of icing on the tip of the white chocolate chip. That will help it stay in when the icing hardens.


The minion-to-be on the left had a little too much icing behind his eyes…try to avoid that. 

5. Draw on your desired features.


I tried to put an outline around the goggles…not my best idea. I didn’t have the right kind of icing for that. In the original minion cupcake picture I saw, they had gray icing around the goggles, which I thought looked really great. Perhaps if I had an icing piping thing, then I could have done it. But I decided to do the rest of them with no outline around the goggles.

6. Ice the cupcake

Please do not be Amelia Bedelia and actually ICE the cupcake with frozen water. What I mean here is to put the icing onto the cupcake =)

7. Place the minion onto the cupcake

I kinda pushed him down into the icing and even spun him left and right a little in order to make sure he stayed put.Image

8. Add the hair.


I poured out some of the chocolate sprinkles onto my wax paper work space and picked out the longer ones to use for hair. Just poke them into the top! I did 3 on each, but you could easily do more or less depending on what minion look you are going for.


And that’s how you make minion cupcakes!

Here are some additional pictures, simply because I love taking pictures of my cupcakes.




Did you notice the one that is drooling? Let me tell you about him…


I don’t know what happened! I guess the gel icing was extra runny that time! I could not stop laughing! Every time I looked at it, I laughed again. And even if I simply THOUGH about this little guy, I laughed. Out loud.

And it just got worse….


I texted Raspbana a picture of the minion…and of it when it was worse as well…and she said “You can tell collin that is him as a minion, a really old minion falling apart! :-)”

So I told Collin that it is him as an old decrepit minion.

Still, each time I SEE or THINK ABOUT this little guy, I laugh. Out loud.

If you have any questions about these adorable cupcakes, please feel free to ask!



P.S. Twinkies are DISGUSTING. But they make cute minion cupcakes!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 74

Today’s outfit was kinda fun…

Well that’s actually not true….my outfit was kinda normal, you could say…BUT THE WARD BONFIRE AND BBQ SURE WAS FUN!

I also quite enjoyed playing neighbors with my roommate Jessica!
My shirt I got from my grandparents Lorena and Phil for Valentine’s Day a few years ago! The capris are super old..the shoes are from my mom…and super sparkly and awesome headband I got from Lorena for my birthday last year (or the year before).

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 48

A lot to say today!

We’ll start with my outfit….Sheridan took my pictures!

How do ya like my sunburn?

Sheridan said we were going to do “Senior Picture” style pictures…it was great. 

The tights are from Kohl’s and the undershirt is from Shade…that’s all I know…

Okay so that’s my outfit…now let’s start from the beginning…a very good place to start…

Jenna and I left her house around 6:30, and got back to Provo around 8:30 for Jenna’s meeting. I had a meeting at 10:30, and then I had church from 11:40-1:40. And then I had to do some stuff for my calling…which I love!!

When I got home, I called my dear mother. It is Mother’s Day. I love my mother.

When I was born, she gave up almost everything she had just to keep me alive. It was only me and her. And I love her for it. She is a true example to me of faith and righteous sacrifice.

My mother has had a super hard life. I don’t know what I would be like if I was her. She has had so many rough times, and those rough times have not stopped. I hope they will some day, but I don’t see when. Regardless, my mom is such a protector. She loves all 7 of her kids with all she has, and would rather be with us more than anything else. She is so great.

My mom taught me the importance of service. I don’t remember much from before I was 16, with the exception of things my mom scrapbooked pictures of. I love to look at the scrapbooks my mom made of my life. They remind me of the things that I did because I cannot seem to remember them on my own. I am so grateful that she is so creative as well. She is a quilter (even though she is out of practice as of late), and she used to always make us quilts. The blanket I sleep with every night is one my mom made. I call it my cat blanket, because simply, it has cats on it. Oh, and it’s super colorful!

My mother has always stressed the importance of getting a college education. She did not take the opportunity to get an education, and she now regrets that. She is in a situation where she is stuck, and having a college education would definitely help her out of it. My superb mother has always made sure I wanted and succeeded in getting a college education. It’s ingrained in my mind now! I love it! Just about every time I talk to her, she reminds me of how much she wants me to have an education. I know it’s important to her, and it’s important to me, so I’m working hard!

My mom is the funniest! She is always finding ways to make me laugh. My siblings do the funniest things and my mom sure makes them even funnier. She is such a kid! She’s often helping us think of fun pranks or things to do. All my friends love my mom – she’s like one of us! Haha she’s so great. I always tell my roommates what we call “mom stories”, which is just when I tell them a story about my mom….whether it’s a memory I have, or something she told me recently. It’s always a good laugh! My ward even hears a lot about my mom – I often talk about her! I just can’t help myself!

My mom is so cool…she tries to teach me the art of folding a dollar bill into a bowtie. She always does it when she leaves tips. 

My mom is so cool…she’ll push your face into a cake….when you least expect it…

My mom is cool….when she pushes your face into a cake, you just might end up with cake on your face…okay you definitely will…

My mom is so cool….she takes her oldest child and her two youngest children out at midnight to flock someone’s house. That means you put plastic flamingos all over their yard!

My mom is so cool…when she wants the middle piece of a cake, she takes the middle piece of a cake. (can you see the top indent where she smashed Sevannah’s nose into it? bwa haha!)

My mom is so cool…she is such a great example of faith. She turned this picture into something more meaningful by just using a Sharpie.

My mom is so cool…she has a Santa suit.

My mom is so cool…on Christmas 2008, it was just me and her. She dressed up as Santa and came into the room….it was hilarious.

My mom is so cool…she does a Junas Santa!

My mom is so cool…she dresses the cat up in her Santa outfit.

My mom is so cool…we match on accident.

My mom is so cool…I can get her to wear mismatched Converse and do Junas…

My mom is so cool….she taught me how to dress in public.

My mom is so cool…our noses are the same!

My mom is so cool…she has crazy children….and we like it.

My mom is so cool…we had a fire extinguisher for all the candles on her cake when she turned 41…just in case.

My mom is so cool…she uses packaging tape to fix holes in her water-bed.
My mom is so cool…when they boys’ shirts get a hole in them….she sticks her finger in it and rips it so it’s a big hole…that way they won’t wear it anymore. 

My mom is so cool…she always loves to have a picture of Jesus Christ in sight…so they’re all over the house. 

My mom is so cool…she has THE BEST fridge magnets!

My mom is so cool…she cuts onions wearing swimming goggles and gloves…so she doesn’t cry….and the kids do it, too.

My mom is so cool…for so many reasons.

I love my mother. And she loves me. And we both love our Heavenly Father. He helps us though so much. 

My goal from last week was “find time to be still” and I think I did an okay job with it. I am going to do it for one more week, though. I know I can do better. 


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Easter Bird Nest Cupcakes

I spend the weekend in Cache Valley with my roommates Becca and Jenna! I went to Jenna’s on Saturday and spent the night. Then I went to Becca’s on Sunday. We went to church and then had a family dinner, it was so good! And it was her grandma’s 85th birthday! She’s such a cute lady!

For Easter, I made these cute cupcakes!!! 

Here’s a close up:
 I got the idea from http://www.easycupcakes.com
There’s so many cute ideas on there!
Wanna make ’em?
Here’s what you need:
cupcake mix
cupcake liners
chow mein noodles
candy eggs (the recipe said Robin Eggs, but I couldn’t find any, so I used the most delicious mini Cadbury eggs!)

And then here’s what you do:
1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees F
2. line 24 muffin cups with cupcake liners.
3. Spray the liners with nonstick cooking spray
4. Cook the cupcakes like it says to on the box
5. Let them cool
6. Frost a cupcake
7. Arrange the chow mein noodles to form a nest
8. Put three eggs of varying colors into the next
9. Do the same thing with the rest of the cupcakes
10. Spread joy by sharing your cute cupcakes.


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 3

Today was Collin’s birthday, so I helped him celebrate by putting this up at his apartment…

(that’s me trying to reach Jimmer…not Collin…haha)

Here’s my outfit for today!

My shirt? Oh, that. I got it for $3 at Old Navy =) Be jealous.


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