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Quick Update

It’s been so long because I’ve had so much to do and not enough desire to do it all!

But anyways…here’s some highlights…

I’m officially going to girl’s camp! I’m a stake leader! An assistant stake leader! How fancy is that??…I’m in charge of all the certification…and I get to do all the “trashy” jobs and errands that Raspbana and nuTTa buTTa don’t wanna do…YAY!!

My two favorite songs right now are:
Zombie by The Cranberries
The Icicle Melts by The Cranberries

My uncle is out of jail!

I’ve been with Lukie all weekened…it’s been a blast! The girls went with their mom to Vegas to spend time with their dad, who’s on his big motorcycle trip. We’re about to leave to go get the 3 girls from the airport!

My date with BF2 is this Saturday! We’re very excited!

I’ve been busting my butt with biology lately….my class is almost over. I’m taking my final tomorrow!

Simon recently returned from visiting my Grandma!


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That’s right!

So I’m reading my textbook for my biology class…I finish chapter 6 and I’m reading over the “Critical Thinking” section at the end of the chapter. We’re not required to do it, but I like to look at it……and this was question #6….

6. Only about eight classes of pigment molecules are known, but this limited group gets around. For example, photoautotrophs make carotenoids, which move through food webs, as when tiny aquatic snails graze on green algae and then flamingos eat the snails. Flamingos modify the carotenoids. Their cells split beta-carotene to form two molecules of vitamin A. This vitamin is the precursor of retinol, a visual pigment that converts light energy to electric signals in the eyes. Beta-carotene gets dissolved in fat under the skin. Cells that give rise to bright pink feathers take it up. Research another organism to identify sources for pigments that color its surfaces.

YEAH. flamingos. they’re taking over the world. well, my world. And question six from the critical thinking section of chapter 6 in my biology textbook.

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So today I started my Biology class online….I was excited…but now I’m overwhelmed! It’s going to be a lot of work! I knew it’d be a lot of work, but this is more than I thought!

Here’s an excerpt of the “welcome” announcement from the professor:

“Some students think that distance classes are easier than traditional in-class classes. Nothing could be farther from the truth! In reality, you have chosen the hardest way there is to take a science class! Remember that this is a 4 credit hour class that would meet 6 hours per week during a 16-week semester, 16 hours per week in a summer session, or over 20 hours per week in a minimester. This is only the in-class time and does not include time for doing labs, lab reports, internet exercises, and studying for exams!  Taking a lab science, in terms of time commitment, is the equivalent of taking two 3 credit hour classes! It takes most students more time to master the material online than it would in the classroom. Make sure that you are scheduling enough time in your life to complete this class.”


Wish me luck….. =(

I’m not sure when I’ll have time to do a lot of it….now that Lucas is out of school. I’ll definietly work on it when he naps, but I’m worried it won’t be enough. So I’ll be doing A LOT of it after work hours…yay for into the night!

The good news is…..I know that as long as I rely on the Lord for help, I will be able to do this. With God, anything is possible!

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