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Chloe’s Closet: Day 69

Here’s my outfit for day 69!

The black undershirt is a Half Tee…I love them! The shoes I’ve had forEVER! The dress is so soft! It’s Banana Republic! But I got it at DI for only $6!!!!!!! I LOVE THRIFT STORES!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 59

Jenna took today’s pics….

Like the flowers in my hair? They’re real! They’re from Jenna’s bouquet that she got from her brother!

I made the skirt….The shirt was free! I got it from Banana Republic with a gift card! The flowers in my hair were free! The boots are from Payless!

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 52

I did laundry today!  I just washed undershirts, jeans, and underwear…oh, and socks. But I’m now out of quarters. So basically, send me money….

No, but really, here’s my outfit for today…

My roommate Jordan took that pic…she also took this one…

I think my legs look WAY thin in that picture….totally disproportionate to the rest of my body…kinda weird. 
The skirt…I made it! The shirt? It was free…I got it from Banana Republic with a gift card! 

Jordan also took this picture…

dude check out my totally awesome SHOE!!!!!!!! The blue one is from my mom…but I’m wanting to tell you about the OTHER one! It’s one of the 2 pairs of shoes I’ve EVER paid full price for. It’s a clear limited-edition Converse. They no longer sell them…I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They’re the best!!!!!!!
Oh, and the socks are from the Target dollar spot! 

Jordan also took these pictures of my hair…the earring in this picture only like 10 cents…from a thrift store…because there was no match…but of course I didn’t care.

And let me tell you about the flowers in my hair…the gold one is a clip I had in all day. BUT THE WHITE DAISIES….well…*ahem* you see, I was at the library practicing ASL and I went to fill up my water bottle, which I do like 15 times a day. And there was a trash can next to the water fountain. And in that trash can there was a bouquet of flowers. White daisies to be exact. They weren’t submerged in trash, they were just on the top. So I picked them up and they looked good still! So, uh, NATURALLY I broke 2 off, went to the bathroom, and put them in my hair. So, basically, the white flowers were free! 

Mom, all those years of dumpster diving taught me SOMETHING, see?

And this is the other side…the earring was free….I got them for my birthday a long time ago from my friend Sana Siddiqui! OH, and….don’t mind the sunburn on the back of my neck…

 Well  here’s about some more of my outfit. All the bracelets I’m wearing were free! The turquoise ones, someone gave to me. The gold ones I got from Kohl’s with a gift card. 

I was standing around talking to Jenna and playing with my camera. I got it to make my nose to this, and then I decided it looked funny. I told Jenna it’d  make a great pic, but then I realized that my camera was the thing that was holding my face together like that in the first place…but then I had a brilliant idea! Jenna took the picture into the mirror while I was holding it!

And that’s my outfit. 

BUT today I went and saw Seussical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna see it again and again and again and again! 

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 43

Today was blue and red day! Jennie took my pictures today!

And I took these two…

And here’s about the outfit! I made the skirt! The socks are from Michelle Thomas…the shoes are from my mom. The jewelery is from who-knows-where. The shirt is from Banana Republic! It was free because I had a gift card! And the hat, I don’t remember where it’s from…but I added the butterfly clip this morning =)

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Chloe’s Closet: Day 27

So I make a lot of my skirts. And recently, I bought trim to put on some of them, but I just haven’t done it yet.
Today I wanted to wear a certain skirt, but it didn’t have the trim on it yet =(
So I was like “it’s 10:15…I have 2 hours till church starts…PLENTY of time to sew!”
So I got out my sewing machine.
My grandma Honey gave it to me.

 Please excuse my look…I was still in my jammies…hadn’t showered yet…hadn’t gotten ready for the day…..cuz my skirt wasn’t done!
Well this is my outfit….
I took this picture!

And my visiting teacher Paige took these pictures!

 So how do ya like it?
The skirt…I made it! And I sewed on the trim this morning!
The shirt…it’s from Banana Republic…and it was free! (I had a gift card from my g-ma Stevens!!)
The shoes? I got them at Charlotte Russe for $10 a while back


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