“The future belongs to those who believe
in the beauty of their dreams.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

1. Get accepted to BYU
2. Graduate from BYU
3. Go to a live music concert
4. Get a stamp in my passport
5. Pet a real flamingo
6. Learn ASL
7. Become fluent in ASL
8. Go on a study abroad
9. Volunteer over 100 hours in 1 year
10. Grow hair long enough to sit on
11. Visit New York
12. Learn Greek
13. Become fluent in Greek
14. Pay it forward at a drive-thru
15. Visit Niagra Falls
16. Be a rockin’ teacher
17. Get accepted to Gallaudet
18. Get my Master’s degree in Deaf Education
19. Learn the alphabet in at least 5 different sign languages
20. Get my doctorate degree
21. Go on a cruise
22. Stay friends with past college roommates
23. Sew a zip-up hoodie
24. Sew an attractive, comfortable swimsuit
25. Make crayon art
26. Take a nap on the beach
27. Buy a 25 lb. bag of carrots and use them all before they go bad
28. Re-learn cursive
29. Go on a spontaneous road trip
30. Ride an elephant
31. Stargaze in a canyon
32. Go to Ireland
33. Become friends with a senior citizen
34. Learn how to french braid
35. Get back into tap dancing
36. Have my own craft room
37. Get back into Irish dancing
39. Own a pink Kitchen Aid
39. Go skydiving
40. Receive pilot’s license
41. Get my concealed carry permit
42. Set up a scholarship fund

To be continued…

4 responses to “Dreams

  1. Sheridannnnnnn

    My dear, I can help with two things:
    spontaneous road trip
    learning how to french braid

    And we should road trip to a beach so you can take a nap. Because it’s awesome.

  2. Fun aunt Rachael

    Love these! Now I need to write mine down all in the same spot.

    • Yes, make sure you write them down! It feels so good to cross them off. And if you feel like you are going nowhere with your life, go back and look at that list. Pick an item. Work towards it. Now you are going somewhere!

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