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Learning Romanian

So, as the title suggests, I am currently learning Romanian!

It’ll be my third language, which is exciting for me!

But listen….IT IS SO HARD!!! Why don’t I remember ASL being this hard to learn??

Maybe because ASL doesn’t have a written component, but Romanian does?
Maybe because ASL doesn’t have conjugations, but Romanian does?

Well whatever it is, it makes me want to cry.

I was sitting in class yesterday and we were reviewing what we learned Monday, then adding a bunch of stuff. Maria, the teacher would ask a question, and the class would answer as a chorus as I sat there confused as to how they knew what she even asked. 

I was seriously about to cry.

No, this isn’t an immersion class, so it’s not all in Romanian, but sometimes she does only speak in Romanian. Like one time we were working in partners…she said something to the class and I was like “what??” but a few people got up and moved and I looked at her confused. She repeated it 2 more times as I sat there looking confused…and then she pointed to me and then pointed to my seat I had been in earlier….OH! We were done working in partners…time to go back to my seat. Why didn’t I get the hint when other people got up and moved? #eyeroll 

I was seriously about to cry again. 

Then she handed out a new paper with a dialogue between two people, and asked for a “voluntar” to read the first character. All in Romanian, of course. I understood “voluntar” because it sounds like volunteer, and she pointed the the first part when she said it, so I got that as well. I raised my hand, thinking that speaking would keep me from busting in to tears, and the first character had more lines, so that was good. So she pointed to me, then found a voluntar to read the other character’s part, and I read…

f 012

So, I stumbled through it. And when I was done…
Maria: Have you had contact with Romanian before?
Me: No, but I’m about to cry… (giggles from class….I don’t think they knew I was serious…)
Maria: That was really good!

And boy, did I feel FANTASTIC after that!

A compliment goes a long way. 


Describe yourself in five sentences. Then describe two other members of your family in five more sentences.

And 30 minutes later, what had I accomplished?

  • Produced the shortest 10 sentences of my life
  • Looked through all my notes at least 2 times as I tried to figure it all out
  • And this…

f 013


Yes, that took me 30 minutes. But boy, am I proud of it.


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So I was with my mom and I was studying for a final. Yay for school : )

I was teaching her everything on my study guide, so that I could make sure I understood it all. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn!

One of the points on my study guide was “What does NCTM stand for?” 

Me: “Do you know what NCTM stands for?”

Mom: “Non-Committal Tongue Makeout?”

Me: “Uhm…no. National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.”

Mom: “Okay.”

Some people’s moms…


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Standing Outside the Fire

Today was the last day of one of my classes, and our professor showed us a fantastic video that I had seen before, but forgotten about.

Please take 3 minutes and 55 seconds of your time to watch it!

“Standing Outside the Fire” by Garth Brooks

“Life is not tried, it’s just merely survived, if you’re standing outside the fire.” 

Are you trying life? Or are you merely surviving life?


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Five Minutes of Fame

Please excuse me while I toot my own horn.

Early last month, someone interviewed me for an article in The Universe (BYU’s newspaper). Turns out she published it on March 15, yet I just happened to stumble across it today. So much for her letting me know when she was done! Oh well, I found it!

It’s about BYU ASL Club (which I am the president of) and some of my volunteer work.

Anyways, if you would like to read it, you can find it by clicking here


Ok, now I’m done.

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American Sign Language at BYU

Last semester I was a member of ASL Club….I went to a meeting at the end of the semester when they were electing new officers. I was not about to run. I was taking 17.5 credits and I was president of BYU SCEC (Student Council for Exceptional Children), which is another club on campus.
So I entered that meeting with no intention of running.
Then I decided to run for Vice President…and what do you know?
I walked out as President of ASL Club. 

I have learned so much since then! My officers (Diana, Melissa, Liz, and Seth) are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, which is such a relief. They are very willing to help with anything. PLUS, we have a stellar advisor, Trish – she’s a superstar! I have learned so much about time management. I have such a busy schedule (who doesn’t, though?), so managing the meetings and planning has been fun…I really do love it, though. Also, I wasn’t able to take an ASL class this semester, so being President has helped me keep practicing!

I also love getting to know the other members of club. We have a pretty good turnout each week – between 20 and 30 people! Not bad!

Basically, I love it!

BYUTV came and recorded us a few weeks ago for the show BYU Weekly – here’s the final product! Enjoy!



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The Flat Earth Society


So I’m doing my reading for my Philosophy class. It’s called Intro to Ethics. The class, not the reading. The reading is called Ethical Pluralism: Prima Facie Duties and Ethical Particularism. It’s SURPRISINGLY interesting. Here’s the paragraph that I just read…

Second, we should consider the possibility, in non-moral contexts, of finding ourselves without any support for a claim that we rightly continue to believe. For instance, there may be nothing you can say that will convince a member of the Flat Earth Society of his mistake; no way to convince someone who believes in vampires that he is wrong; no clear path to show a stubborn person that nothing really can be all pink and all blue at the same time. You may be justified in your beliefs even if you can’t always convince those who disagree with you. That holds for moral as well as for non-moral beliefs. 

Right after I read “a member of the Flat Earth Society” I stopped reading…pondered…and then finished the paragraph. I then went to Google and searched “Flat Earth Society” (…because I cannot fathom the fact that people TODAY believe that the earth is FLAT. I went to their website ( and looked around…I went to the About the Society page and read it all…it said that they discuss the theory…it didn’t say they believed it. It also talked about the guy who came up with the Flat Earth Society. But didn’t tell me that they ACTUALLY BELIEVE THE EARTH IS FLAT. So I kept looking around their website. They have t-shirts! And I kinda want one. Not because I believe the earth is flat. But because I love that there IS IN EXISTENCE a Flat Earth Society. 

I kept searching their website, and came across this…..”This website is dedicated to unraveling the true mysteries of the universe and demonstrating that the earth is flat and that Round Earth doctrine is little more than an elaborate hoax.”

And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen, flamingos and goats. Some people ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT THE EARTH IS FLAT. 

Hey, I have yet to walk 36o degrees around the globe to prove that is is really 3D…but I believe it nonetheless. And I thought everyone nowadays did….just does to show that…that….I don’t even know what it shows. 



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Chloe’s Closet: Day 11

Today for my dinosaurs class, we went up to Spanish Fork Canyon and looked for fossils….we found some trace fossils (like footprints)! It was pretty cool!

At our first stop, these are the cool rocks I found:

These are the rocks that Kait found:

And these are the rocks Mary found:

And this is our wonderful professor, Dr. Brooks Britt:

Then we went to another site and looked for more trace fossils…

It was pretty awesome. And dirty. But awesome.

We actually did find some footprints! Heather found these ones…

But because this land belongs to the state or something, if we found something (like this), we couldn’t keep it. I didn’t find any tracks, but I did find this!

And guess what it is! It’s worm tracks! From the Late Triassic, about 200 million years ago!
And guess what ELSE! I got to keep it! Because it’s not a vertebrate fossil! COOL!

Anyways, here’s my outfit for today (Jenna took the pictures)…

That shirt? I love it. I think my mom got it for me. She’s so great. I love her.

And this……..

is me Kenzie and I on the swing!


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Chloe’s Closet: Day 4

We had a field trip today for my Dinosaurs class up to Spanish Fork Canyon! So we had to wear jeans, shoes we can get dirty, and a long-sleeved shirt….SO I DID!

By the way…I also got this shirt for $3 from Old Navy =)

But I a few hours before class, I got an email that said…..

My truck conked out on me in the Uinta Basin and I won’t make it back in time for class today.  So, no field trip today – we will do it next Friday.

I apologize for not being able to take you into the field …  and for buying a Ford truck.

Dr. Britt

SO I HAD THREE HOURS TO SPARE! So of course I took my $10 Kohl’s Cash and went to Kohl’s….And I looked at all the clearance….and after about 20 minutes, I found what I wanted! A sparkly purple scarf! And it’s not a scarf that’d keep ya warm…it’s more for decoration, and it is good for all seasons! And it was only $2.40!! And it was originally $24!! And then I saw a gray one…and then I saw a black one…and then I saw a dark blue one…so of course I got them all, since I had $10 Kohl’s Cash to spend!

Here’s them….

Dude…I paid NOTHING for those….in fact, I still have 40 cents in Kohl’s Cash to spend!

Who the heck would pay 24 bucks for one of those scarves?!


Look how much I saved! $96!

And that’s my outfit (and my cool finds) today!


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So I pretty much haven’t posted for like 50 years…okay not that long but it’s been a while. I’ve been swamped with school, work, and social life! Thus is college.

I LOVE BYU!!! It’s so beautiful here and it’s wonderful to see old friends and make new ones. My roommates and I get along wonderfully and I’m loving all my classes. I’m taking Psychology, New Testament, Student Development (Effective Studying and Leaning), Tap Dance, Astronomy, and World Civilization to 1500. All of my professors are great, and I’m able to keep up with the workload!

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