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Some of my creations!

Hello world! I want to share with y’all some of my creations! These are some scrapbook pages I’ve done…
(click on them to see them bigger!)

I have like a million scrapbook pages I’ve done, but I asked Sheila to just take pictures of random ones and send them to me…she’s so sweet! 
Okay,well maybe not A MILLION scrapbook pages…but I have at least 10 scrapbooks that are full! I love it!

 And there’s also just some projects I’ve done……The pictures are in chronological order as to the process I went through when making them.

Here’s what’s in that photo gallery…
1. scrapbook page layouts
2. The birdhouse I made for Twisha
3.  A clock I made!
4. A mirror I found at a thrift store and I decorated it for my friend Lauren for her wedding gift!
5. A frame thing I found at a thrift store and also decorated for Lauren!

6. A lamp I got from a thrift store..I decorated them for BF2 to be picture holders!!!!!

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Do You Want Some Sick-Awesome Shoes?

Taco gave me some white shoes to decorate for her…and here’s what I did with ’em….

here’s the front of ’em…

here’s the outside of the right shoe….

here’s the inside of the left shoe…

here’s the inside of the right shoe…

here’s the outside of the left shoe….

here’s the back of them….

I think they turned out AWESOME! I kinda wanted to keep them…but I didn’t…because they had HER name on them…haha

If you want me to make you some, give me $10 and some white shoes like these! They’re just the Mossimo Supply Co brand…from Target. They’re all fabric that I colored on….it was awesome. Oh and if you want some, I’ll not only need $10 and the shoes, but I’ll also need to know some things that you like.


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 I’ve always made my own homemade cards, and a friend suggested that I try to sell some. I have a hard time with that, because I always want to keep everything I make because I’m so proud of it!

But anyways….so now I’m going to try to sell some on

Hopefully it’ll go well and I’ll be able to make a few extra bucks for college

Here’s the first card I listed…


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Today’s Projects!

I’ve picked up the hobby of fixing stuff up…not like handywork or anything…just decorating things, I guess you could say. I just buy old stuff from resale shops/thrift stores and make them pretty in my own special way! I just make them as gifts, like the ones I did today. But I’m going to try to start selling stuff on! We’ll see…

Anyways, here’s the ones I did today…they’re for Lauren’s wedding gift….





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Sock Snowmen

Here’s the pics of our completed snowmen!

Clara made these two…

I made these three…

And Natalie made these two…


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