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Washi Tape Keyboard

I had some spare time today, so decided to spruce up my laptop keyboard with some Washi tape!


Here’s how it’s done….

Well, it started out like this….I have a keyboard cover so my keys don’t get all nasty.


But really…how boring is that?!


And dusty. It also needed to be washed. 

So, I rinsed it and hung it to dry….I hand wash all my dishes and my dishwasher is simply a drying rack…


Then I chose my tape! I picked 4 different ones and alternated. I measured out how big the keys were, cut squares in that size, and then cut them in half so I could cover half the key and still see the letters. 



Now…FYI….I’ve always wanted my keyboard to say “Avada Kedavra” instead of “Backspace”… now was my chance!!!

I have a label printer since I shop a lot on my clothing business….find me at 🙂 So, I measured out my backspace key and printed my own sticker!


It doesn’t blend in as well as I’d ideally like, but I still love it!

And BAM. Finished up the Washi tape letter keys.



At this point, I decided my space bar was rather lacking…so I picked another tape and helped it out a bit 😀


So pretty all together!



And, of course, the cover needs to go back on because (1) it will get very dirty if I don’t and (2) the Washi tape will come off as I type if it’s not covered!


So. Much. Better, yo. 


And THEN I noticed the water spots on my keyboard cover. And decided I didn’t care. 

Happy Washi Tape Fun!


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Button & Key Frame

Last week I was helping my friend Emily move, and so I acquired some gems…including a plethora of black frames! I tend to only use black frames…and prefer black furniture… I took most of the black frames she was getting rid of!

Today I had some time to spare, so I grabbed a frame…..


It’s not very ME… I went to my craft stuff and gathered some buttons and keys…


Now, of course, my favorite super glue EVERRRRRRRR. Loctite Super Glue Ultragel Control is the only one I buy. It’s simply the best. 


And I went to town…I wasn’t really sure at this point where I was going with it, so I just picked 3 colors and started filling it up with buttons….and then started gluing keys around the outside, still unsure of what my finished product would be.


My little plates were very useful in the process!


It was at this point that I decided I didn’t love the keys around the outside…I liked them…but didn’t love them. They looked so BLAH…like they didn’t belong. I really wanted keys to be a part of it, and they were already super glued on there, so I had to think….

…and I noticed the super glue was drying white on the black frame…..BLEHHH.


ALSO I ran out of super glue….so I planned my meals for the week, made a grocery list, and headed to Michaels, Kroger, and CVS. 

At Michaels, my goal was to find some Stickles…it’s a brand of glitter glue that I love for crafts…but I haven’t bought any in yyyeeearrrsss and wasn’t sure if they had any. I wanted black Stickles to put over all the white…maybe outline the keys, maybe put swirls on the black frame…I wasn’t sure. BUT, lo and behold, no Stickles…just other colors and other brands of glitter glue…so I searched for inspiration…and came across the paper flowers I had used for other frames around my house! I bought two packs of gray/black ones and went on my way to Kroger for groceries and super glue. 

I proceeded to buy ALLL the super glue (only my fave kind) from Kroger, along with my groceries, and then went to CVS to pick up the photos I’d ordered for the frame.

Ate dinner and then continued on with my frame!!


I finished the keys and buttons!!! Then it was time for flowers…so I just glued them on over the white areas, and found that I now LOVED it!!


Now, I didn’t want those stock photos on my wall, I had to add pics of me and my bestie!


Emily had envisioned this as an earring holder for me, but my wall in that area of my room was full…


So I simply moved a hat, hung the frame, and moved my green earrings from my flamingo to my new frame!



BAM. That was a fun afternoon!

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