Every Day is Special

Check out this picture of part of my old apartment, before it burned down. Now, take a moment to read the black canvas. 
This is something I made when I was in college, and it was hanging on my wall during my apartment fire.
Now, here is a picture that the contractors took with my phone after the fire, of the same area, but from a different angle. See that black canvas?! It’s still there! It was saved! They were able to bring it down to me, though it looks a bit more rugged than it once did. And I love it even more. It wasn’t moldy, or smelly, so I kept it!
Oh, and that black/gray thing in the top left of the picture? That’s the roof. Yup. This picture still makes me cry as I long for what was lost. 
However, remember what that canvas says, y’all?
Don’t save something for a special occasion. Every day of your life is a special occasion.

How true this is, y’all. 

How fitting that this is the first thing that I hung up in the living room area of my new apartment.
Y’all, every day of your life is a special occasion. Enjoy things while you can.
I often now think of my fancy hat collection, and that I should have worn them more often instead of saving them for special occasions. I think of my flamingo serving platter that I should have used to simply eat dinner, instead of using it only when someone came over. These and many other things that I have lost I now wish I’d used more often.
Yes, it’s important to have special things that you only use for special occasions….but seriously. Use things. Love them.
Use them. Get out your fancy plates and USE THEM. Get out your special shoes and wear them. Get out your nice dress and enjoy it.
I really love this picture because if you compare it to the first picture in this post, you can see that it has some scars from the fire. And I love it like this. 
Every day of your life is a special occasion.


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3 responses to “Every Day is Special

  1. ablackgirlabouttown

    Great Post! We have to enjoy things while we still have the chance to!

    ~ Zeena

  2. laurene stevens

    I agree completely with you, you never know what each day will bring! Love you my sweet Granddaughter!

  3. Mamachica

    How did you get so wise? You rock!

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