Easy Hair Bow Storage

So…I have a ton of hair bows, flowers, butterflies, etc…And yes, I wear them all the time. Sometimes too many at once. Like a pro. 

hair collage 2

hair flower collage 1

But here’s the problem…how to store them all?!

First I will show you the end result, and then I will show you how I got there.


So, all you need is yarn, scissors, and 3M hooks! Don’t get the little baby kind…I tried those first and they didn’t work for me. Get the normal-sized kind…I don’t know exactly what size they are, since I have had them for years and don’t have a box to refer to. 

Ok, so here’s how you do it:

First, decide where you want them…I did the inside of my bathroom cabinet and the inside of the linen closet in my bathroom. 

Then, put the hooks on in a zigzag pattern, like so:

IMG_5796 IMG_5790

Let them stay there, all alone, with no friends, for at least 24 hours. This decreases the likelihood of them falling off later.

Waiting, waiting, waiting….OK, now that you’ve waited…time for the next step!

Choose your yarn color…mine, of course, was pink. I bought a TON of balls of yarn at a thrift store one time for like 25 cents each, so I picked one of those.

Then, tie one end to one of the hooks…and zigzag the string back and forth, using all of the hooks. Go back and forth 3 to 5 times. Then tie a knot at the bottom!

IMG_5795 IMG_5793 IMG_5797


I divided mine by color…and yes, it is impossible to tell because they are on the beautiful quilt that my grandma made me for my birthday this year…but if you can see them, they are divided by color!

found 008

Then, attach them to the yarn! It’s that easy!

IMG_5798 IMG_5800

Ya like!?

I do.


About 2 weeks later.

I found 4 more.

But I didn’t have room!

So I added more string between the zigzags, and POOF. 

More room. 

Plus, we all know I will inevitably buy more…so this leaves plenty of room for growth. 


Oh, and I also have butterflies…


And there you have it – easy hair bow storage!

Oh, and if you have some that don’t have a clip on the back, they have just a hair tie, that’s a perk of using the 3M hooks!

Check this out!


Its just hangin’ out there. 

A huge perk of this…when you close the door and the cabinet, it all becomes a secret. 

IMG_5925 IMG_5927

OR IF YOU WANT!!!….you can put them out in the open and everybody can see your beautiful collection! Up to you. 

Now, any ideas for how I can store my headbands?


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One response to “Easy Hair Bow Storage

  1. Emily

    Cover an oatmeal container in fabric and put headbands over that! Store cloth headbands inside 🙂

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