Street in Iasi

Walking home with Madeline one day, I looked down that street and wondered what secrets and treasures it held. 

Me: We should go that way one day and see what’s down that street!
Her: [hesitantly] Uhm, OK…
Me: You’re not the exploring type, are you?
Her: Not in this area.
Me: Why not?
Her: It’s sketchy.
Me: It’s ALL sketchy. Everywhere we go is “sketchy.” You gotta get used to it. We’re going this week.
Her: OK.
Me: Let me guess, as long as I protect you?
Her: Yep!

Me: As usual…

To see what happened last time we explored a different road than usual, check this out!

I love living in Iaşi, Romania! There is so much to explore!

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