Learn What You Want To Learn

Last weekend, we were playing Loaded Questions.

Alana: What’s something you want to learn more about?
Me: I actually have a list! There’s only one thing on it right now. Teaching 1-1 correspondence to people with visual impairments.
Alana: Wow, you have a list!?
Me: Yeah, then I always remember! If I come across something and think “I’d like to learn more about that,” I write it on my list! I had some more stuff on it a few months ago, but I took some time to learn about those already.

When you think of (or come across) something that you want to learn more about, write it down. Literally. Get a piece of paper and a reasonable writing utensil, and write it down. And always keep that list with you. In your wallet, perhaps.

Or get out your phone, and make a list on there. That’s where my list is.

And then, when you have a couple minutes of spare time, find information on it.
If you only have 5 minutes, that’s enough to find something. You don’t have to read it right away.
If it’s an internet website, bookmark it for easy access for when you have more than 10 minutes.
If it’s a book, put it on hold at your local public library, and pick it up on your way home. Always keep it with you so you can read when you have a few minutes. 
If its an article, save it to your computer for easy access for reading when you have more time. Or print it out and keep it with you to read next time you are waiting in line for something, getting your oil changed, waiting to meet up with someone, etc. 

Learn what you want to learn.

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