Little Texas…in Romania!

We heard there was a restaurant called Little Texas here in Iasi, Romania. And someone who was in this program 8 years ago came to visit, and she made a special trip out to Little Texas…so it has to be good, right?

I’m from Texas. We had to go. 

We looked it up – 30 minute walk? We got this.

We went on some big streets, and then through a ghetto area, then another big street, then a small street for quite some time, where the sidewalk was barely walkable, and sometimes there were places with 2 feet of snow and just foot holes. We were just imagining the brave soul who made the first steps in the deep snow, and we were grateful that we could just use their foot holes! Oh, and over half of the walk was all uphill. All in the snow.

Little Texas Chloe

Cowboy Parking Only

When we got there, I felt like I was at home.It was 100% Texas inside. SO GREAT. Country music playing, cowboy stuff everywhere, the Texas metal stars, and so much more.

Unfortunately, the clock for San Antonio wasn’t currently working…but it’s still pretty cool that it was up there at all. Go Texas!

Little Texas Clocks

Texas License Plates

Also, the menu was in English! Well, and Romanian, but it was so nice that we knew exactly what we were ordering! The steak was SO expensive, so I ended up getting chili cheese fries and Texas toast. The chili was delicious! Also, Texas toast with Romanian bread….seriously the best Texas toast I’ve EVER had. We had so much fun there. We actually told stories about our moms…mine seems to be the most crazy (as shown here and here and here and here and here), and Madeline’s the most non-crazy. The others are somewhere in between. Gotta love moms!

Seriously, Little Texas was amazing, and totally worth the walk. We got dessert also, of course! I got the brownie with ice cream. The brownie turned out to be more like chocolate cake, which was slightly disappointing, but the ice cream on top….Oh, the ice cream on top. IT WAS THE BEST ICE CREAM. Well, besides Blue Bell Moolenium Crunch. And other Blue Bell flavors…but dude, seriously, it is a rival to Blue Bell. I can’t believe I just said that. I wonder if all ice cream in Romania is this amazing. It’s just so cold outside, we never want any! But now, we will definitely be buying some.

I was slightly disappointed that they didn’t have brisket here…I’ve really been missing it since I moved out of Texas. I can’t wait to get back there in June. But, considering this was more of a Tex-Mex place, and it is in Romania, it was still delicious – even without brisket!

At Little Texas


The walk home was also SOOOO COLD! I would touch my legs, and my fingers could feel that my legs were still there, but my legs were so numb that they couldn’t feel that my fingers existed. It was so weird. I don’t think my legs have ever been that cold.

Little Texas. So worth it.


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2 responses to “Little Texas…in Romania!

  1. Mamachica

    Awesome sauce! You found a lil place like home. And…I bet your mom would win the contest. just ask your sibs. I adore you!

  2. Laurene Stevens

    brave souls! But sounds so fun and homelike!

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