That One Time When I Almost Got Arrested in London

Going through security, la dee da dee da dee…

I am trained in self defense, and always carry a kubaton with me….I had a 6 hour layover in London, so I was going through security, which is a very intense process.

I’m an asker of questions, so I did learn something! I saw someone getting patted down after he walked through the sensors. When I walked through, nothing happened, so I asked the security people how they choose who to pat down and who to let walk on by…wanna know how they choose to pat people down or not? They don’t! The machine does! When you walk through the sensors, it will either flash green or red. If it’s green, they let you go. If it’s red, they stop you! It could be a belt buckle, large jewlery, or something else. But they said that the machine also just chooses people every now and then, even if they’re fine. Interesting.

 So then they were searching my bag….and found my kubaton. I thought nothing of it, until he asked me what it was…so I figured I was in trouble…After a short discussion, he went and got the police. Really??

So the policeman walks up to me…. {remember that everything he says is in a British accent…awesome!}
Him: These are illegal in the UK. I will have to confiscate it. 

Me: I apologize, I wasn’t aware. Can you mail it to me? I’ll pay the postage.
Him: [very seriously and rather slowly] You ‘re in danger of being arrested and missing your flight.
Me: Oh.

He proceeded to take it, my passport, and my boarding pass. He said he’d be back. But first I got his name, Marty (pseudonym). About 10 minutes later, he returned. He said that they determined that I was not a threat and that I needed to wait here for someone to escort me to check my carry-on (because it had medicine in it that I couldn’t have – just a bag of problems, aren’t I?)

So I waited 15 minutes….then he came back and said someone was on their way to escort me. 
Me: Thank you, Marty!
Marty: I’m just an officer, it’s just another day.
Me: Did you say it’s just another day?
Marty: Yes…
Me: It’s not just another day. It’s a wonderful day, full of opportunity.
Marty: [smiles]

And that’s a little bit about the time I almost got arrested in London. 

And remember, it’s never
just another day.
It’s a wonderful day,
full of opportunity. 


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3 responses to “That One Time When I Almost Got Arrested in London

  1. littlebitoflys

    I want to say that to a cop sometime. I think all cops probably need to know that.

  2. Danielle

    You are my hero.

  3. Sheridannnnnnn

    And that is why are my hero 🙂

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