Be Aware

So I was walking on BYU campus one day a few months ago. I was by the MCKB (McKay Building), which is where I used to basically live, because 90% of my classes were there.

Anyways, I saw this construction truck parked on the sidewalk…

downsized_0522130937And I thought “Really? You couldn’t pick one side or the other? How’s a wheelchair supposed to get through comfortably? Or someone carrying a large box?”

So I got out a sticky note, and wrote something….



In case you can’t read that, it says “Please consider parking on one side of the walkway as opposed to the middle. That would make it easier for wheelchairs to get by. Have a great day! Thanks! -an accessibility-aware citizen”

I put it on the windshield of the truck and went on my own merry way. 


downsized_0523131237It was parked on one side of the pathway!


downsized_0529131233It was again parked on one side only! 

I guess my note worked : )






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2 responses to “Be Aware

  1. Sheridizzle

    Way to be Miss Chloe 🙂

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