Make your own casket?

My mom got something in the mail about going to a free luncheon with McDougal Funeral Homes…and my mom is all about free stuff (who isn’t, really?)…so of course she signed up for the free luncheon! I was over at her house after she had signed up, and she was telling me that she wants to make her own casket. She said she’d rather the money go somewhere else. 

So my mom started to Google it, and we ended up on the McDougal Funeral Home website, because hey, they were going to give her free lunch. They have a “Chat Live Now!” button, so my mom was all over that….

Here is the conversation that occurred that evening…My mom is “Visitor” and the guy from the funeral home is “Mark”

Mark: Hello, thanks for contacting McDougal Funeral Home. My name is Mark, may I have your name?
Visitor: Howdy Mark.
Mark: Hello, how may I help you?
Visitor: My name is Debbie.
Visitor: I was wondering if I can make my own casket?
Mark: Okay.. Before we proceed, may I have your phone number and email to better assist you?
Visitor: No need for that. I just wanted to ask if I could make my own casket.
Mark: McDougal Funeral Home helps families with all types of funeral services from traditional to brief memorial or graveside service. We serve all faiths, have a chapel on site and offer a large selection of caskets, urns, grave markers and vaults. Some of our services include arranging for military honor guards, shipping/transportation of a loved one to/from other states/countries, and assistance with government paperwork such as filing death certificates and social security.
Visitor: I like those services you include, however, I would like to know if I can make my OWN casket.
Visitor: I’m very crafty. I want it to reflect my exuberant personality.
Mark: The best way to get your questions answered is to setup a free consultation with our Family Services Counselor. Our Family Services Counselor can help with this. They are up to date with the latest products and services and can recommend what would work for your situation.. Would you like me to have them contact you?
Visitor: Oh, that is sweet. I don’t need to be contacted at this time, however, I was hoping you could answer my question about constructing my own coffin. This is a yes or no question, do you have the answer?
Mark: I apologize, I don’t have access to that information, but will be happy to forward your request to someone from our office who can help you. What is a good number and/or email address to reach you?
Visitor: Meh. I will see you at the luncheon. Maybe they will have the answer. Maybe I will bring my sketchbook and get some input from y’all.
Mark: Please contact: 801-968-3800… for Information.
Mark: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Visitor: A bedtime story perhaps?
Mark: Have a good night.. (:
Mark: Thanks for contacting McDougal Funeral Home
Visitor: Thank you Mark.
Mark: Cheers.
Visitor: Ahhh…you must be British.

Mark: I am sorry, I am not supposed to answer any personal questions.
System: The chat session has ended.
My mother….

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