Straight from the Bible

Oh, humans.

Just to put this story in context….I attend Brigham Young University (BYU), which is a religious private university located in Provo, Utah. So 98% of the student body are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints….AKA Mormon. Basically, a Christian school. And we take religion classes as part of the general education requirements. Ok, now the stage has been set.

I’m hungry…and on campus…and didn’t bring a lunch, so I go to the Taco Bell on campus, place my order, and then this conversation with the guy who took my order (I don’t know his name) happened…

Guy: Can I get your name please?
Me: Lucille. [I like to give that name for things like this]
[I hand him my debit card to pay…]
Guy: [looks at the card, looks at me, looks at the card again]
Me: My name is Chloe, but I like to give the name Lucille. [I hand him my driver’s license]
Guy: Straight from the Bible.
Me: What?
Guy: It’s in the Bible…
Me: Oh! House of Chloe, yep.
Guy: I don’t remember if it’s in Romans or Corinthians.
Me: I have no idea.
Guy: I never took that part of New Testament.
Me: Okay.

And then I stepped aside to wait for my food…….and that’s my story. “Straight from the Bible”?? That’s a new one. Ha!

Oh, humans.

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