The Get Along Shirt

It works!!!

Here is a story from my mom….

I saw this idea online for a consequence when the kids are arguing, fighting, whining, “it’s my turn! She touched me! He farted on me!” I kept hearing it all day…..

Brigdon (11) and Sevannah (9) were particularly whiny, competing for attention and time on the X Box, and generally not getting along…so I remembered the idea and I went and got a big t-shirt, the biggest t-shirt I had. I pulled the tag out, turned it around (because the front had the Hard Rock Cafe logo), and with my sliver sharpies I wrote in big letters “THE GET ALONG SHIRT”.

So the kids watched as I wrote the letters, and kept asking “what is that for? what is that for?” and I said “you’ll see!” Because it was a sharpie, it didn’t need to dry. Sweet! So I told the kids to come over, I stretched the neck out (so it wouldn’t get stuck on their heads), and they put it on.

They kept their own shirts on, of course!

Sevannah put her head through first, and put her left arm through the left armhole. Brigdon’s taller, so it kinda went over Sevannah’s head as Brigdon put his head through, but it was all good. He put his right arm through the right armhole. 

By the time both kids had their heads and their arm through, they were already laughing and giggling and trying to figure out what this new idea was. By the time they had both stood up with the shirt on, they were just laughing! They forgot that 2 minutes ago, they hated each other! Didn’t even want to be in the same zip code! 

And then they decided that “this is kinda cool…we don’t have to sit in a corner or have time out…we get to play together in a Get Along shirt!”

So they started bumbling around the house without one person getting ahead and without one person turning around…they had to work as a team to get anywhere, so nobody would be dragged along as the other kept going. 

Seriously, Chloe, it was so great. They just had so much fun, and they actually liked the idea! And I said “Oh, good! Because it looks like you’ll be wearing that shirt a lot today!” But they didn’t – they got along the rest of the day! Now I just keep the shirt hanging where it’s always visible and accessible. 

Works like a charm!


Can you imagine if adults had to do this at the workplace? At college? Spouses? Store cashiers and customers? Hmmm….

Thanks, mom for the tip! Ha!

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