Children. I love children. Their purity. Innocence. Simplicity. They are amazed by the simplest things – the landing of a fly, the hiding and sudden appearance of a face, a silly voice. They are entertained by the simplest things – a popping bubble, the “choo-choo” of a spoon coming towards their mouth, a feigned fall or trip. They are understanding of the most complex things – the feelings of another, the nonverbal cues of human interaction and communication. Children bring joy to everyone around them. They are constantly growing and eager to learn. They are frank and candid, full of life. Being with children can give you a new view or perspective. Talking with children can help you realize the importance of focusing on the little things in life that we, as adults, tend to let fly by without even a fleeting thought. Watching children sleep brings back eternal memories long forgotten, of angels and pure goodness and happiness. Seeing children grasp a new concept is a reminder of the fantastic and infinite capacity of the human mind to learn, grow, and expand continually. 

Gage and Jessica…

2013 226


2013 055




a lot 046

Clara and Natalie…

789 053


3233 002

Sevannah and Elizabeth…

2013 081

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