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Trail Mix


I don’t like raisins in my trail mix (unless they’re covered in chocolate)…and most of the ones you buy at the store have raisins in them…so I decided to make my own!

Find a grocery store near you that sells food in bulk – for me, that’s Win-Co! And I don’t mean Costco bulk…well, I guess that could work, but I’m talking about when they sell it in bins and you scoop out what you want into a bag.

Get what you want, mix it all together, and ta-da! Personalized trail mix with only the things you like!

Here’s how I made mine: {I also included how much each cost}

6 dried pineapple rings, sliced (a little under 2 cups) {$1.39}DSC08302
2 1/2  cups cashews {$5.46}
2 cups chocolate-covered raisins {$2.58}
1 cup sunflower seeds {$0.48}
2 cups craisins {$1.83}
2 1/2 cups peanuts {$1.34}
4 1/2 cups banana chips {$1.34}
2 cups M&M’s {$2.98}

What you do:
1. Mix it all together in a HUGE bowl.
2. Separate it into snack-size baggies.


This is so easy! It only took me about 15 minutes to put together.

The above recipe makes 18 snack-size baggies, which came out to a total of $0.96 per bag. Kinda pricey, come to think of it. But if I’d left out the expensive cashews, it would have been only $0.66 per bag, which is better. But I just love cashews!

These are so easy for on-the-go snacking.

So…what do YOU like in your trail mix?


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