Cupcakes Sunny-Side-Up!

Back in June I made these cupcakes…

A huge thanks goes out to my wonderful former roommate Jessica for taking all these pictures!

These are so easy to make! 

All you need is:

  • cupcakes (I just make it from a box…never fails!)
  • White icing (Click here for my recipe)
  • 1 butterscotch candy (unwrapped) for each cupcake
  • poppy seeds to sprinkle on top (for the “pepper”)

And if you want to make a great presentation, serve them in a frying pan! We had a lot of cupcakes , so we used a lot of frying pans…but it was so worth it!!!

Do you see the double yolk in the above picture? We had a misshapen butterscotch candy…hey, it happens!


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2 responses to “Cupcakes Sunny-Side-Up!

  1. Debbie (Chloe's mommy)

    So cute, and ironic because I was sitting down eating toast and sunny side up eggs last night for dinner and Larry laughed and showed me your cupcakes picture and it almost looked like my eggs I was eating! You are so talented!

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