Melted Crayon Creation

I had some time yesterday, so I made this!

Here’s some pictures of the process… (if you want detailed instructions on how to make your own Melted Crayon Canvas, click here)

First you hot glue the crayons to the canvas…

Then you cover your work space with newspaper…and you plug in your hair dryer…and you keep it on LOW the whole time.

Here is the first corner done!

Here is the second corner done!

Here it is with three corners done!

And here is the final product!

I wasn’t sure where to put it…the other one I made (which you can see here) is downstairs, so I opted to put this one in mine and Carolyn’s room upstairs…specifically…over the closet door…

Apparently I’m not very good at centering things…whatever! I still love it!

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