Smoking, Summer, Food Network, and Cupcakes

Smoking…EEW! Please stop it. It is rare that I go running. But tonight I did. Hopefully I can get into a routine. I’d like that. But tonight I went running and of course I was panting and trying to stay alive. And as I ran past someone, he was smoking and he had just exhaled and I was panting and heaved in a breath of smoke. EEEWWWWW!!!!!!!! I almost died! Well not really…but it was disgusting. To all you smokers: please stop. And not just so we non-smokers don’t have to breathe it in. But because it’s not good for you.

Summer…Spring term is done for me! Technically it is finals week right now, but all 3 of my classes ended early, so I was done last Friday at 3pm! It’s so nice to be done. I still work early mornings, but it’s nice to not have classes to worry about.

Food Network…I am becoming obsessed with the Food Network. My roommate Jessica introduced me to Cupcake Wars…I love it! I’ve only seen 2 episodes so far, but they have both been inspiring. Also, Amy, Jessica and I love to have roommate bonding time and watch Chopped. There was a new episode on tonight – we loved it!

Cupcakes…I have some new cupcakes to post about! They are pretty cool…so keep on the lookout!

Good night!

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