Chloe’s Closet: Day 64

And this was my outfit today! Sheridan took the pictures….the shirt I got from Disney World last year when I went with the Solis’…gotta love Finding Nemo! The flip flops are from Old Navy…they’re the only kind of flip flops I like to wear…and they’re super cheap!

Jenna and Sheridan and I are having a movie night…we’re watching Father of the Bride right now! It’s so great. I haven’t seen this for a while…it’s so great! This is when I was logging on to Netflix on her computer so we could watch it…

And she got a close-up of my accessories…I made most of the bracelets…

And then for my outfit picture, I decided to be the seagulls from my shirt…”mine, mine, mine…”
And Sheridan got a close up of my shirt so you can see how cool it is!

And now that I look ridiculous………that’s all. 

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