Chloe’s Closet: Day 61

Nicole took my pictures today…and they’re on her camera…so they’ll be here soon….

Okay update: they’re here! First I’ll use the ones that I had from my camera….

This was a fun day! I went with Jenna to see Ike and Kara finish a marathon! It was so fun!

 And then Jenna and I spent the day with Nicole! We went to D.I. and saw this unicorn! And of course we thought of Agnes from Despicable Me! So I gave it a cloudy kiss…
And then we went and had fun around SLC!

We did a bunch of other stuff, too…….but that’s for us to know…and you to find out…

By the way, this is one of the pics from Nicole’s camera…..

My capris? They’re from a thrift store…I’ve had them for like EVER! My shirt is from my Uncle Chris! We get him Texas stuff…and he gets us Texas-bashing stuff. My shoes are from my mom! My hat is from….I don’t remember… 

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