Chloe’s Closet: Day 57

Today was yellow and brown and light blue day! Sheridan took my pictures….first I posed like the care bear on her door…

Then I posed like the Jimmer on her door…

And then I saw tires on the floor….so I used them in my pictures!

And then Sheridan took a picture of my cool Converse…

And then Jenna walked in and stuck her foot in my face so I freaked out…

And then I wanted to fit inside the tire…

Well that was fun! And let me tell you…the jeans are from American Eagle. The undershirt is a Down East Basics lace camisole. The jacket thing is from Macy’s I think. The shoes are from my mommy =) The yellow laces I think are from Target. I got the hat when I went to Chinatown in Houston with Tammy! Oh and I made the necklace and some of the bracelets.

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