Chloe’s Closet: Day 47

Saturday I was also at Jenna’s house! And once again it was spectacularly wonderful! Her family is so great. It’s nice to be around a family again. One that isn’t bent out of shape….

We made a delicious strawberry cake for Jenna’s mom for Mother’s Day! It wasn’t as pretty as usual, because I’m not used to cooking in high altitude…so I forget to alter the recipe…but it sure tasted good! 

Anyways, I once again forgot to take my outfit pics…can you tell I was distracted with FUN! But once again, I’ll just put on the outfit tomorrow for a pic!

Oh and…we were tilling Jenna’s sister Sarah’s garden, and I got totally badly burned!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My neck and my arms..they kill! 

Oh and I went on motorcycle rides, which was also amazing. I wanna go again soon!

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