Strawberry Cupcakes

Do you like my adorable strawberry cupcakes?

I made 24 of them to give to friends for finals week.
I gave them a cupcake and said “HAPPY FINALS WEEK!”

And they’re super easy to make!
You just need:
Strawberry cake mix
Strawberry flavored frosting
mini chocolate chips
green sour punch straws
cupcake liners
red food coloring

And here’s what you do!!
1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees F
2. line 24 muffin cups with the cupcake liners
3. pinch in one side of each cupcake liner
4. spray liners with nonstick cooking spray
5. put 1/2-inch ball of foil between liner and muffin cup to hold in place (see the last two pictures above)
6. Prepare, bake, and cool cake mix as directed on package for cupcakes, using the water, oil, and eggs
7. Stir food color into frosting until it’s well blended and as red as you want it to be
8. frost cooked cupcakes with frosting to resemble strawberries
9. Cut sour straws into little pieces and press 3 or 4 into the top of each cupcake
10. Arrange mini chocolate chips on the frosting to resemble seeds
11. Go give them to your friends simply because they are great and you want to show your appreciation for them.

(I got this idea from! They have some of the best ideas for stuff!) 

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