Chloe’s Closet: Day 25

Today was black and red day!
Kenzie took the first 3 pictures for me!

And I took the rest of the pics….
Look at the gray hairs I found on my head!!

And  here’s my face!
I love pigtails!
 And here’s my fake socks! I like these ones!

My jacket thing has this cool sequin thing on the shoulders….

And here’s just 2 more pics of me in my outfit….

Here’s a bit more about my outfit….my red necklace was free! My black necklace was like 50 cents! My black undershirt is a Half Tee! My red tank top shirt is from DI, and was only like $3! My black jacket thing is from Kohl’s and it was free for me, because I got it with a gift card! Wooooo hooooo!!!


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2 responses to “Chloe’s Closet: Day 25

  1. Pigtails definitely work for you. Cute!

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