Chloe’s Closet: Day 21

Today I had two outfits…here’s number 1…
Carolyn took the pics…

Like my shoes? My mom got the sheep one for me. She said it’s cuz I’m the black sheep of the family =)
The colorful one, Lauren Riggs discovered! It was only $5! Well, $5 for the pair, so this one was only $2.50!

And here’s my second outfit for the day…
me and Jimmer…. 

Kourtney had on adorable shoes! So we got a shoe picture!

Do you like my hair? I DID IT MYSELF! (except that my roommate Carolyn helped with a few of the curls. But I did 95% of it myself!)

from left to right: Nicole, Jenna, Chloe, Kenzie, Becca, Carolyn


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2 responses to “Chloe’s Closet: Day 21

  1. Cute! What was the occasion?

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