Chloe’s Closet: Day 20

Today I wanted to wear this dress….so Jenna chose my tights…and I worked from there….

Sheridan and Melissa took my pictures today….

First…..a t-rex…

And while they were deciding on my next pose, I was looking at the stuff on their door….and Melissa took a picture for some reason…

Then Sheridan showed me what to do next……..she said it was like Betty Boop!

And then we were done. So I looked at the pictures…and noticed the t-rex one was kinda dark…so I had them take another one….
Sheridan said “one two three say cheese!”
and through my teeth i said “i’m a dinosaur, I don’t say cheese.”
so she said “say one two three human flesh!”
haha it was great

And then I went home and took these two pictures…

Today, Kristen had on raspbana-colored clothes….so naturally I had to get a picture with her!

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