Chloe’s Closet: Day 19

I have some laundry on right now. But don’t worry, Chloe’s Closet is still in full swing. I just ran out of underwear (something you didn’t want to know, but hey it happens to EVERYONE), so I needed to do that laundry as well as socks, undershirts (because I only have so many) and my tap socks.

Well now that you know of my laundry situation, here’s about today…

Kenzie and I went to the BYU Final Cut Film Festival. It was fun! (The last three dates I’ve been on have been with a girl…*sigh*) Our favorite one was called “Jackie O”….

When we got home, I asked Kenzie to take my pics for today. It was taking her FOREVER to get around to it! So I took a “hurry up, Kenzie” picture…

And then I was still waiting….so I took a picture of my shoes (same as yesterday)

when she decided I could have some of her precious time for pictures…

She said to sit on my bed and look lame and frumpy like Jackie O.

Then she said to pretend like I was Jackie O shooting the kickball (our favorite part)…

And now it’s just Kenzie and I here…everyone else is gone…and Kenzie is about to leave…..I need to clean my room….(so lame)

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