Chloe’s Closet: Day 15

Today’s outfit? Well…

My blue shirt is a shade shirt I got a while ago…the black thing over it I’ve had for a long time…it’s size 2x so it’s way big on me, but it’s cozy! The skirt I got at the BYU bookstore a few years ago! The tights, I think they’re from Kohl’s…? The socks are from my fun friend Michelle Thomas! And the shoes and shoelaces are from…somewhere? The necklace I got in Mexico when I went on a cruise there! Oh, and do you like my hippo clip in my hair?

So my hair wasn’t originally up today…but I was so hot this morning! So I put my hair up…and it just stayed like that for the rest of the day…oh well, I ended up liking it!



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2 responses to “Chloe’s Closet: Day 15

  1. Love the chair pics. 🙂

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