Chloe’s Closet: Day 11

Today for my dinosaurs class, we went up to Spanish Fork Canyon and looked for fossils….we found some trace fossils (like footprints)! It was pretty cool!

At our first stop, these are the cool rocks I found:

These are the rocks that Kait found:

And these are the rocks Mary found:

And this is our wonderful professor, Dr. Brooks Britt:

Then we went to another site and looked for more trace fossils…

It was pretty awesome. And dirty. But awesome.

We actually did find some footprints! Heather found these ones…

But because this land belongs to the state or something, if we found something (like this), we couldn’t keep it. I didn’t find any tracks, but I did find this!

And guess what it is! It’s worm tracks! From the Late Triassic, about 200 million years ago!
And guess what ELSE! I got to keep it! Because it’s not a vertebrate fossil! COOL!

Anyways, here’s my outfit for today (Jenna took the pictures)…

That shirt? I love it. I think my mom got it for me. She’s so great. I love her.

And this……..

is me Kenzie and I on the swing!


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4 responses to “Chloe’s Closet: Day 11

  1. Mama chica

    You rock, dino world girl! As for the shirt, yep…that would be me….Converse Chuck Taylor shirt just for you! Love ya!

  2. Worm tracks…that is so cool. 🙂

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